The evaluation of scientific findings requires the kind of expertise in the analysis and interpretation of primary data that comes from the study of statistics. Finally, e a total of 15 cu’s in psychology is required. Claire Ingulli, the Undergraduate Coordinator. Five 5 of the total credits towards the Psychology major must be Penn classes taken in the Penn Psychology Dept. Declaration of the Major. This policy applies to all undergraduate students.

Admission to Seminars and Research Experience Courses. Many psychology majors will wish to continue their training beyond their undergraduate degree. Advising and Course Registration Advising. Dan Swingley, Director of Undergraduate Studies dus psych. Non-Psychology courses and non-Penn courses. Unless special permission is given, no more than two psychology courses can be counted towards the major from a term abroad.

All junior and senior Psychology majors are placed on registration hold during Fall Advance Registration. Majors and prospective majors should discuss their plans with Dr.

The following courses currently satisfy the requirement: Further information about theis Department and the field of psychology can be found at our website: See the department website for more information about completing a prokect.

If it is, this item on your “Proposed Course of Study” form will be approved automatically.

This series brings in researchers from all over the country to discuss their latest work in a manner available to a general psychological audience. Such independent study courses are designated Bnb Admission to all research experience courses level is by department permission only. Students who expect to pursue honors in psychology, or graduate work in psychology or a related discipline are strongly encouraged to take a second term of statistics.


Exceptionally qualified undergraduates who have exhausted the undergraduate curriculum may be permitted to take graduate vbb seminars.

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Preparation for Advanced Training. Many of these courses have more applicants than can be accommodated, and admission is based on an application process. The seminars are deliberately held upennn small enrollments and usually involve considerable class discussion, reading in original sources, and writing of original papers.

Students may also find the following suggestions helpful in planning. Frequently, this information can be obtained from the web page of the institution you expect to attend.

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A Typical Major Schedule. Courses below the level will not count towards the major. Non-Psychology courses and non-Penn courses. They may tuesis an independent study PSYC doing empirical research.

Undergraduate Handbook | Psychology

Please visit the department’s website for a complete listing of the Psychology faculty. Students are offered two means of satisfying this requirement:. However, a student should seek advice as to whether this degree of specialization is warranted at the undergraduate level, and students who have never had the seminar will be given admission preference if the seminar is over-subscribed. Students are strongly urged to consult with that office regardless of their plans following graduation from Penn.

Many students who complete the psychology major at Penn go on to further training as scientists and scholars, but many others undertake professional training in clinical, counseling, industrial or educational psychology, in the legal and medical professions, or in schools of business. Bbbb particular interest is a video stream about graduate schools: A list of Department faculty and their research interests can be found under Faculty with Appointments in the Department of Psychology Statistics.


Although students are encouraged to take as many independent study courses as they wish, in order to ensure an adequately broad program, no more than two semesters of Independent Study may be counted towards the major. Effective Fall ofno psychology course taken at another U. Such courses are very challenging and may include extensive readings.

Undergraduate Handbook

Declaration of the Major. This means that no student except transfer students may receive credit for a psychology course taken before coming to Penn, nor may any student who is currently enrolled at Penn receive Psychology credit for courses taken at other institutions over the summer months. Students are encouraged upen include several level seminars among these. Unless special permission is given, no more than two psychology courses can be counted towards the major from a term abroad.

Structure of the Major Introductory Psychology.