Hi Jessica- If you need to resend your transcripts or other required materials it will not lower your chances of admission, we will still give your application a full review. Will they be used towards the Meyerhoff application? These people tend to be very anti-social and even their own roommate couldn’t name their favorite color. Do they notify people who applied but are no longer in the running for the program? The information packet I received is unclear regarding this. Our Early Action program may differ a little from some other universities in that we actually admit a smaller percentage of students during the Early Action review.

Hi Usama- If you would like to check the status of your application you can email admissions umbc. The school has a very popular engineering program for example that requires its students to work hard. The Meyerhoff program is separate from the Undergraduate Admissions Office so you are also welcome to contact the program directly. Hi Alicia- You are welcome to use the same letters of recommendation for both your Undergraduate application and your Sondheim application if you would like to do so. Also, because of the type of fee waiver it sounds like you have you must complete the paper application. Hi Lacy, High school information HS transcript and SAT or ACT scores is only required for transfer students who have earned fewer than 30 college credits at the time of application submission.

It requires two recommendations and UMBC suggests two as well. One thing that we umcb to see with our transfer applicants is a good trend in grades — so either your grades improving or remaining constant. That decision is up to you.

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If one applies for early Action and one gets admitted, great! Basically, on the SAT do you prefer well-roundedness or strength in your field of study? Kmbc you did not meet that deadline you will need to submit your Undergraduate application as soon as possible, and not later than December 1.


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For additional information please see the following link: There are numerous campus events during the weekdays but not a lot of them are on the weekends. The Scholarships Office will most likely begin sending out merit scholarship offers in mid-January.

However, we do not require that all students send mid-year grades. Hi Mo, The fall transfer application is currently available and you are welcome to submit the application now. Hi Charles, If possible we would actually prefer that all documents be sent electronically.

You will find the most annoying, childish, goofiest, silliest, un-collegelike behavior around campus sometimes. Is it possible to use a fee waiver for an online application, or do i have to send the application with the waiver through mail? At this point in the year I am not sure what offers are still being made for merit-based scholarships, but since you have been in touch with Michelle I would suggest emailing her, and she can then yonors our Scholarships Office.

Hi Alicia- During this time of year there is about a 3 week processing period for applications and application materials due to the large volume of items we receive.

If you are above 2. If so, what information should be filled on the recommendation form, since many fields are not applicable? I have sent it on December even though I have just sent my application on February 1. I applied to UMBC before the early action deadline, and on the Common App it says that my school forms were downloaded on November 1st.

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This isn’t to say we have no sports because we have so many even ultimate frisbee and cricket. However, when I checked my apllication status on myumbc, it says that my application is incomplete because my high school transcript is missing. On the Common Application, it does not offer the option to check off for Spring semester yet. Can you explain this and tell me when I will know if I am accepted into my program? What if you took a lot of classes in your intended field to major in?


I have received my acceptance letter but I have not heard anything about the honors college. We like to see students that are involved in addition to doing well in school, but there are many ways to be involved.

umbc honors essay

I dont understand what to put for college app. I am an international student and i just got admitted to umbc. I have a couple of questions about letters of recommendations: Hello I am trying to put application for fall Currently I am a high school students now turning into a senior.

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Hi BW- If you have already sent letters of recommendation to the Admissions Office, and you feel those letters would suffice for the Linehan Scholarship, then you do not need to resend the letters to Financial Aid. Also, If I apply during the early action period, will my past gpa only count towards my admission decision?

No where on website I could find if biochemical eng is same sssay chem. Am I too early or too late? By the way, I am currently working towards my A. Our May 31 deadline for the fall semester is our final deadline.