With permission from the School, and consistent with Program rules, this course can be extended as MINE with significantly more comprehensive research and thesis. Daming Zhang DZ41 Field – circuit analysis of planar transformer at medium frequency for converter application. Measuring electrode distance above the spinal cord using measured compound action potential responses. Advice on using PowerPoint in oral presentations. WAM of at least 70 and thesis mark of at least There are a wide range of topics available for you to choose and you can even come up with your own, the choice is yours!

One way in which our safety is protected is through the preparation, review and approval of Risk Assessments. Once a supervisor reaches their limit please look for someone else. Testing speech processing theories and models using direct experimental measurements of transfer functions with known glottal flow. An extension of time may be granted after consideration of the thesis report and only under exceptional circumstances beyond the student’s control. Daming Zhang DZ32 Issues on charging and discharging battery.

Neeraj Sharma NS1 Modelling and comparing commercial Li-ion cells and research for potential application in electric vehicles. How do I find a topic? Lauren Gardner LK1 The role of exercise intensity and frequency in osteoarthritis management.

PG Thesis | Engineering

Queries regarding any aspect of the weighted average system should be sent by email to G ladys Fong in the first instance.

Postgraduate coursework students are required to do an advanced thesis research project. Control system design for bidirectional power converter, and inverter drive for traction motor and energy set of hybrid vehicles. John Fletcher JF23 Sunswift power system.


EET School Thesis / Project

How do I submit my thesis? The Implications of VAR support from grid connected inverters on the distribution network. BE in Electrical Engineering Calculation Sheet – Excel tyesis old program and new program BE in Telecommunications Calculation Sheet – Excel file old program and new program Combined degrees program – please use the above single degree template. Please note that these courses are to be completed in your second year of study which are to be completed in two consecutive terms.

If you have any questions regarding your thesis, please make a post in the Moodle forum so that everyone can see the thssis from Tracie Barber. A student who is permitted to withdraw without failure from Thesis Part A should re-enrol in the following Session with a new topic approval form.

Thesis Topic Selection

Colin Grantham CG24 Electrical safety with respect to distributed system. There is a database with pre-existing topics and a supervisor database that lists their research unssw. If you both agree to team up, ask the supervisor to email you to confirm approval of the topic title.

Report Template as a 10 page scientific manuscript Students are required to submit their Interim Jnsw to their supervisors in a below specified format in no more than 10 pages SPE format. Poster competition and work of previous winners.

Jayashri Ravishankar JR23 Investigating the performance of a wind turbine system in a microgrid through both experimentation and simulation. Nigel Lovell NL Design of an enclosure and signal processing algorithms for a power fall detector.


To sort each columnplease click on the title of each of the columns. Students can elect to undertake Thesis C 12 uoc.

4th year thesis and PG project

WAM of at least 70 and thesis mark of at least Thesis B must be completed in the Session immediately following Thesis A. Thomas Sewell TH18 Lab control of helicopter. There are two ways of undertaking thesis: Where electives are taken in addition to the stipulated number of electives for a student’s program, their WAM will comprise the marks from the first n courses taken at each level, where n is the stipulated number of electives for that year of the student’s program.

Francois Ladouceur LF24 Transient fault analysis. Thesis Part B Report Latex template. Andrea Morello AM3 Nuclear quadrupole effects in single atom nanoelectronic devices.

thesis eet unsw

Phoenix Rising – manage your academic progress. Jayashri Ravishankar JR24 Demand response technique for smart grid.

thesis eet unsw

Supervisors and assessors marking the thesis should however award a mark entirely on the merits of the thesis, the reduction then being made subsequently by the Undergraduate Thesis Co-ordinator.

Daming Zhang DZ34 Harnessing of wind energy and its storage. Once a supervisor reaches their limit eeh students have to pick some other topic.

Daming Zhang DZ16 Design of converters for wind energy generation.

thesis eet unsw