If you are interested in history or a general view of politics, I recommend this course. Click here to read more! History Coursework Guide The history coursework guide is a brief overview of all aspects of history coursework at the University of Auckland, including the different types of assessments, how to write an essay, how to reference properly and how to present your work. Politics and International Relations. Look at the reviews. Was interesting at times. What Grade did you receive?

This did not detract me from the enjoyment of the course however. The course has a Facebook page: Overall 5 stars 4 stars 3 stars 2 stars 1 star. Essay questions are carefully disguised as “research papers” and seem to imply you can have some form of an educated opinion but once you get started you discover they are in fact phrased to get an answer which aligns with their political viewpoints Example of this was in my essay where I used a neoliberal viewpoint to look at obedience and the occupy movement and the lecturer left a comment saying “don’t you mean International Marxist theory” and continued to comment on this throughout the essay. Anita isn’t as bad as these other reviews make her out to be, and her stance as a feminist is actually admirable reinforcing a need for equality between the sexes should not be a problem, and it does not impact the quality or content of her lectures. The tutorials often moved into discussion between small peer groups about world issues, and this was the highlight of the paper.

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Do yourselves a favour and take Politics instead. Readings are listed in the week of the relevant lectures, and will normally be the relevant readings for the tutorial the following week.

They appear to be really finicky and obsessive with marking, compared to other courses I am taking. The focus is on how international organisations, states and non-state actors raise and address global challenges such as security and human insecurity, humanitarian intervention and peace-building, global gender, race, class, ethnic and other inequalities, development and poverty, economic governance in a globalised world, environmental degradation and the achievement of respect for human rights and cultural diversity.


The course is an important foundation for international relations so politics majors are just going to have to soldier on through this course until the lecturer changes.

politics coursework guide uoa

It’s not the lecturer that bothers me though, it’s the content. A lecture programme can be found below.

Politics and International Relations

Questions like, “What are some possible implications of the spread and reach of contemporary global capitalism? Anita places an inappropriate and unprofessional feminist spin on all topics possible even when its a completely unrelated issue For example trying to argue that the panama papers leak is a feminist issue Unless you have a real interest in political theories I would uow recommend this course.

politics coursework guide uoa

There may be a discrepancy, sure, but not one of gukde magnitude. As for the attacks from some students about bias, this is a bloody university, if you don’t agree with her, fine, that’s your right, you can advocate other views, although I agree the Panama Papers has NOTHING to do with feminism I was expecting content to include how some nations conduct politics as well as theory and issues facing the world, but expected wrong.

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I thought I had written a poliitics decent essay, ended up doing terribly on it. NZHistory Produced and curated by the Ministry for Culture and Heritage, this website is full of interesting biographies and media resources about NZ history. Anita made what should have been an interesting topic as boring as watching paint dry. I didn’t have a huge problem with the course itself as I am centre-left but I can definitely see why people politicss frustrated.

From the first 5 minutes of the lecture you realise this lady is a monotonous leftist who always reads off slides.

This review was posted on July 19, The readings were sometimes a bit of a bore and could take up quite some time to do – each chapter was around 20 pages and two chapters were assigned each week.

All the tutors really know their stuff so you really need to impress them!

politics coursework guide uoa

Hey look, if I were a student considering to take this course because of oua major’s requirements, I’d change the course asap unless you have prior knowledge of world history and like to read. Anita is the kind of lecturer you will love or hate. However, Anita the Dementor was the driest and most biased lecturer I have encountered. The list of examples and questions, along with further advice, will be circulated as early as possible.


To do well, you really need to put in a lot of effort to self teach, and ask lots of questions about everything down coursewoek the little details to make sure you understand correctly.

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Essay questions are confusing and marking is harsh, final exam forces one to study every single topic. Campaign Communication Tues 16 May: The main issue was the lack of focus. Produced and curated by the Ministry for Culture and Heritage, this website is full of interesting biographies and media resources about NZ history.

This review was posted on January 21, This review was posted on October 10, The lecturers are prejudiced and opinionated, which should not be the case for any lecturer, but most especially a politics one.

Anita is not as bad as everyone makes her sound, it is good to walk in without having such a bad impression on her courseqork she can be a little boring at times. This review was posted on March 20, All in all, make sure you go to all tutorials I didn’t because this can actually help your grade, go to office hours while working on your essay, and try to write your essays in the exam too more gujde, and not abstractly, even though the course seems insanely abstract.

Using the Facebook page is voluntary, and Facebook complements rather than substitutes official channels of communication such as Canvas and email. Pretty much, you had to write an essay that agreed with the markers opinion.