Rezaul Kabir and Dr. Also an understanding of the taken risks by this extension is vital for the overall understanding of working capital management during crisis years. He found that these firms are large, and still have access to the capital market. A similar percentage is found by Karaduman et al. The other measurement does not include account payables and is calculated by dividing short term bank loans plus long term bank loans with total assets. Although the total amount of receivables on a balance sheet of a firm could be constant over time, its components are continually shifting and therefore careful monitoring is needed Firth,

For larger firms such a need for substitution does not exist, and therefore has a different effect on the profitability of larger firms. The research should include multiple countries or at least a relative bigger country such as the United States, China or India. The Economic Journal, November , pp. Crisis Period The results of the regression analyses studying the relation between inventories and profitability during the crisis period is represented in the tables 4. Also contradicting evidence is found by Mathuva with the management of account payables.

The research should include multiple countries or at least a relative bigger country such as the United States, China or India. Quarterly Journal of Economics, 94, pp.

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Thfsis of Political Economy, 78 2pp. This means that having a WCM policy which results in a low as possible accounts receivables and inventories and the highest amount of accounts payables leads to the highest profitability.

Also macro-economic differences might have caused some of the difference.

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They found that account receivables are also positively related with ROA and that account payables are negatively related to ROA. This research should enhance the understanding of the reasons behind the extension of trade credit during crisis periods. This research should enhance the understanding of the reasons behind the extension of trade credit during crisis tgesis.


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This study will focus on large public listed firm, because of two reasons. Firm Profitability There are many different measurements of firm profitability among the researchers who studied the relation between WCM and firm profitability. This is caused by the fact that the number of days accounts payables needs to be add in the measurement of the CCC.

Also some motives outside these perspectives will be discussed. He found a negative relation between gross operating profit and the three parts of the CCC, which are account payables, account receivables and inventories.

Math persuasive essay topics. The more aggressive approach, where the working capital is minimized, is associated with lower risk and return. The crisis period can be compared with the findings of the non-crisis period of this study; this will be done at the end of this paragraph. Future research can be more precise when using data based on quarterly data.

In most firms, these compartments were managed by different managers on various different organizational layers Sartoris and Hill, International Journal of Managerial Finance, 3 2. But this longer cycle, will also lead to higher investment and could rise faster than the benefits of the higher profitability. The source of fluctuations in money: Variable choice In this paragraph the variables will be discussed individually and a table is given of the utwehte definitions.


These findings are in contradiction with the finding of articles such as Ramey and Love et al. Many firms have cited that restrictions of bank credit are one of the most important constraints thssis operation and growth of their business.

For the working capital policy managing accounts receivables this is not the case. Structure of the thesis The introduction, which is the first chapter, begins with the problem definition and introduces the financial crisis of WCM is utwejte of the financial management of a firm, other parts are e.

Meltzer was one of the first authors who found a suitable substitute for bank loans.

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Net working capital Current assets minus current liabilities Trade credit Financing provided mastee suppliers in the form of delayed payments due on purchases made by the venture. Firms should realize that this is based on the more unreliable dependent variable ROA.

A Transactions theory of Trade Credit Use. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 28 2pp. Journal of Financial Economics, 83, pp.

Trade Credit and Monetary Policy. These four different variables are analysed using multiple regressions with different sets of control variables, checking for robustness this way. Evidence From The United States.