Were they shooting at you? Why don’t they want to ask him? Ellie finds it more physical attraction than anything. I was about to interrupt, to protest strongly, but Homer went straight on. I think it was the hope that maybe Homer no longer felt a great macho need to prove himself by leaping wildly into action at every opportunity. He combined action with thought, and he planned ahead.

Your Answer is very helpful for Us Thank you a lot! If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email. I was just cursing you for nipping at our heels all the way here. Ellie thinks of Homer as a brother, she has known him for most of her life. With Ellie having also cracked and her restraining influence thus gone, Homer’s plan for the truck stop, and its failings, directly leads to the loss of Ellie.

Character profile homer yannos Coming from a Greek background, Homer is forceful and domineering and has trouble dealing with other strong personalities. We could waste a week looking and still not find him. Ellie finds it more physical attraction than anything. One of the many references to his Greek heritage in the novel is on page We knew if we were caught with weapons on us we were gone, one hundred per cent certain.

He’s a pretty smart guy, Homer'”.

essay on homer yannos

I was just cursing you for nipping at our heels all the way here. Ellie writes about how Homer would sit back in class and encourage girls to criticize him. So I tried to give a few hints.

Homer Yannos – from “Tomorrow When the War Began” by John Marsden

This is where the group of teenagers have a loud argument in which nobody is listening to each other and they are all yelling. Ellie is now the leader of the group, generating ideas, Homer is now more supporting and encouraging her. You ought to give her a chance. In his thinkingguys were always yannos heroes, always that little bit better than girls”. I was now touching the two boys I loved most in the world, and I thought how lucky I was.


He astonishes everyone with his level headed approach, though homef wildness in his heart is still there – a wildness he uses to innovate, outthink and surprise. Well, maybe not the solution, but the best plan.

If God appeared in front of us Homer would say, ‘Listen mate, you’ve done a lousy job on my belly button. But last night I wasn’t thinking of that.

I’d forgotten she hadn’t seen Homer in action at Corrie’s. Greece Coming from a Greek background, Homer is forceful and domineering and has trouble dealing with other strong personalities. The last totally crazy plan for the attack on the power station may have been the result of this.

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How’d you get away? Fi, however, finds her attraction to Homer both physical and emotional.

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We were all sitting up excitedly, faces flushed and eyes gleaming. None of us knows how we’ll react when the fan gets hit. Often throughout the novel Homer encourages and motivates everyone when they feel overwhelmed by their situation. As with the rest of the crew, the remarkable, loyal, brave Homer; who saved them all at the start, who kept them going, who inspired, who lead, who enlivened, who struggled till the end; this very accomplished young man is in desperate need of all of the above by the end of ” The Other Side of Dawn “.


Even though I’d been half expecting it, I took a grip on Homer’s arm so tight that I felt the bone. He still has flashes of extraordinary good sense and resilience 16 but the careful, considered planner is fading away and the wild and crazy guy gains the upper hand Compare Homer planning the attack on the bridge to his last plan for yannoz power station, or the motor cycle patrols or the truck stop.

They load Corrie’s Toyota with everything useful they can find.

essay on homer yannos

I realised the wild and crazy guy wasn’t so far away. Homer has a very forceful, even domineering, personality and while he despises weakness he also has a lot of trouble dealing with others who also yannoos strong characters.

That was the power of the spoken word.

essay on homer yannos

I saw the gleam of his teeth as he smiled at me but even in the little light we had I could tell his smile was forced, probably to stop his teeth chattering. He is discovered to have deceived the group, diminishing his authority and at the same time he learns what it really is like to kill up close and personal, cracking his composure 4 he very rarely kills directly again – not till ” Darkness, Be My Friend ” when he rides down the soldier about to shoot Ellie and Fi But he has done what was needed.