He was dear to his parents and siblings as he was the youngest in the family. May their soul rest in peace. India and Pakistan continue to clash over Kashmir, a volatile Himalayan region that has been experiencing an armed insurgency for nearly three decades. Most of the boys were unable to get to the exits, turning the hall into a scene of particular horror. Young Shahzeb also performed well when it came to his studies and secured high marks in his last exam. For his age, he had a good understanding of what it takes to be a soldier in a country marred by terror.

Son of Lt Col. The cowardly terrorists attacked him from behind, hitting him in the head. This is when she was shot. He misses her terribly. He enjoyed watching and playing cricket. Comments submitted by readers using fantasy names or intentionally false names will not be published.

‘A river of tears’: Peshawar school attack survivors tell of their trauma

The eldest among his siblings, Muhammad Salman aspired to become a doctor and his jn was prepared to send him abroad to study medicine in case he failed to secure a position within Pakistan. The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan found that in alone, around schools were either significantly essa or completely destroyed.

He was devoted to his parents, and loved them immensely. Sher Nawaz was a considerate and kind boy. He had a soft disposition and would always advise his sons to avoid disputes.

Thanks you Dawn for this wonderful way of tribute. When the army launched an operation in Swat, Saeed invited three displaced people into his home and gave them food and shelter for three months.


However, the courage of our childreen and the innocense will always be in lightend and we convey SALAM to them and to the beloved ones who were martyred. From Class 1 to 7, Nadeem remained a position holder. News Article News Article.

essay on aps peshawar attack in english

It has just taught us how to live with the pain The attack outraged the world and triggered a debate about the Taliban threat to schools in the country. Sikandar Hayat and Mrs Hayat Siblings: Nauman Sareer 19Salman Sareer Every time she asked ln to bring something for her, he would ask for a commission, refusing to do so otherwise. English and maths were his favourite subjects. The brothers iin in the same hall and died trying to save each other.

Tribute to APS Peshawar Martyrs

She says that while she kisses her children goodbye before they leave for school, that fateful day she did not kiss Haris as he was running late — something she deeply regrets. Sahar was helping evacuate students when the attackers targeted her.

essay on aps peshawar attack in english

They can only be barbarians. He was often called upon to recite Naats. His respectful demeanor earned him love from elders and admiration of those younger to him.

2014 Peshawar school massacre

In Junea joint military offensive was conducted by the Pakistan Armed Forces against various groups in North Waziristan which has been the site of a wave of violence. After his father, he took care of me, his mother says.


He believed in living a modest existence and never asked his parents for more money than was required. His family, especially his father, misses their young boy very much. His sister and mother weep for Ali and say they will never forget him.

Pakistan Taliban: Peshawar school attack leaves dead – BBC News

Elections are the way out of current crisis. Pakistan as a nation as a country owe every drop of your blood and will never ever forget you.

essay on aps peshawar attack in english

Meanwhile, the SSG commandos had reached the area and surrounded the administration block. Ayesha 7 and Fatma 2.

On the morning of the attack, he brought home two cakes before leaving for school. Rashid Minhas was his role model. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He was an intelligent child and bagged top positions from nursery till essy eight.

When he was promoted to Class 10, he came to know one of his classmates was unable to afford a new uniform. He was an excellent student and was popular at school.