Its signification is not yet assumed. Here, I will attempt another point of view. The second part shall analyze the absurd elements in the chosen texts, as regards narrative and also discursive structures. At times, this disappearance act was conceived of in terms of a sound that would move beyond the limits of human hearing. Boredom and the Event 40 Chapter 3: One is the answer made by the cut-up poet Brion Gysin to a rather uncomfortable question posed by the Dadaist Tristan Tzara in the early sixties.

Now we can see the consistency of reality as a fantasy that serves to mask the lack that is at the heart of the reality-system itself. Yet even as a standard reference point it has also by and large remained a marginal phenomenon subsisting on the outskirts of this history despite eruptions of a more widespread attention. La Monte Young may be right when he claims that “it was after I focused on what I call the theatre of the singular event that George Brecht started to write pieces that were very refined and reduced in structure”: The distinction between remembering and repeating is that it allows a presentation of a continuity in which neither the nature of the continuity nor its contents are opened up as a question since such an opening would demand remembering. What I have tried to describe, is, however, not simply the fact of a repetition of this ideal – that is, the creation of an avantgarde tradition in the establishment of art as a form of “life- practice” – but what I see as their identification of this ideal with the logic of repetition itself, i. But the contemporary position from which an unfolding is traced is necessarily bound up in the mechanism of repetition one tries to understand only that by which one is indelibly marked.

dissertation sur le dadaisme

This is the secret its hold. In the early Fluxus work a different kind of trauma, or wounding seems to appear: Thus, every point in space has its own pattern of reinforced and canceled frequencies.

L’absurde dans le théâtre Dada et présurréaliste français – Mgr. Mariana Kunešová, Ph.D.

For a short time, in the years betweenthis radically ephemeral approach got some coherence as a collaborative project named Fluxus: In contrast, the singular is that which cannot be exchanged with anything; it is without concept. Ideology is a symbolic system making up a particular experience of reality — and so resistance 87 Op.


dissertation sur le dadaisme

It is, in other words, a classic example of the repression of the event. His notion of the material implies dissdrtation temporality of repetition itself. Using prime numbers — that is numbers which are not multiples of other numbers and therefore representing notes which are not octaves of earlier notes — Young made it possible to explore frequencies not usually experienced as musical sounds.

Interview with La Monte Young, October Yet, Brecht made use of the term Event in the sense of the mutely singular object ini.

But a number of Brecht’s assemblages dramatize this fact on a purely optical level, as if providing a cue or a methodological recipe to the workings of scale. Views Read Edit History. But the distantiation is not simply a matter of postponement — i.

Also important to the formation of Ball’s ideas, especially during the Dada period, were Vasily Kandinskythe abstract painter and leader of the expressionist Blaue Reiter group, and Richard Huelsenbecka young doctor and student who would later become central to Dada in Zurich and Berlin, both of whom he met for the first time in Munich in — Another map piece seems to explicitly activate the “flashing” experience of this slippage itself.

But if his strange and heterogeneous practice might quite superficially be seen as a typical example of the way in which a Dada artist breaks with the ideals of aestheticism, Hausmann’s explicit preoccupation with the question of singularity or the presence of der Einzelne runs through all of it.

Hugo Ball – Monoskop

A historicist desire for an avant-garde tradition reveals itself with a certain sliding of terms: Does research paper need a title. For the secret of ideology is notably not its arguments but the attitude that it demands: But self-criticism did not set in until after aestheticism because daraisme institution had the function of satisfying residual need that could not be met in bourgeois society. As Andrew Benjamin puts it, alterity still involves a minimal structure of recognition.


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Dissertation sur le dadaisme

Still, in its discussion of automatism, dissertatio Chance Imagery essay demonstrates an understanding of the distinction between cause and the everyday experience: Dissertation sur le dadaisme Essay about food habits. The naming of the Event in Neo-Dada repeats the structure of representation — i.

Closing sentence for a compare and contrast essay. Other expressionist evenings hosted by Ball and Huelsenbeck included the kind of aggressive and theatrical readings that would characterize Dada performances. This is both their point of fascination, and the mechanism dafaisme which they create a problem for the vision of a world or reality.

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Cage’s chance reality is not a closed structure which one must either reject or completely submit to. The complications or the challenges of this repetition became particularly pertinent at that time when the avant- garde could no longer so easily be understood as one single irruptive moment or break, but seemed to take on a continuity of developments and influences uncannily similar to that of a tradition in the historicist sense of the word.

Assemblage “suggests sjr limitless diversity that relates assembled art to the world. His critique of the bourgeois autonomous subject leads him to define Dada as not just as was claimed in a number of interpretations a nihilist gesture of protest, but rather as a set of operations that unleash a critical re-examination of the time or the presence of the subject whose indispensable correlative is the notion of a continuous history.

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