After hearing the news, Silver runs after Ethan to find out if its true. His younger sister comes to stay with them, making them have to act as parents before she runs away to live with a tattooist. He breaks up with her, however, when he finds out that she is pregnant, stating that he doesn’t know how to handle the situation. Dixon shares with Ivy his family problems, and they begin to grow closer. Dixon saves Ivy’s life after an accident while surfing. As graduation looms, Naomi makes a decision that could prevent her from graduating with her class when she takes all the blame for cheating on her term paper to save Max from getting in trouble with her. I wouldn’t be friends with those women if my life depended on it.

When she tells him they can’t, he points out that she ran after him instead of being with Dixon, and she is left confused. Ethan and Annie finally break up after agreeing that all their relationship has become is a constant fight. It paid thousands of dollars, so he signs with an agency, and he receives another job. Just me with my new key. And I know that I shouldn’t care but I do. After producing it and sending to producers, they get notes saying that his songs might be better with Adrianna in it. Dixon tells Ivy and she visits him in the hospital.

90210 annies essay her mom

I’ll catch you guys later. Yeah, well, I don’t admire him anymore. Meanwhile, the rift between Silver and Adrianna comes to a shocking head.

She tells Kelly with a laugh about how she thinks Kelly has a crush on Harry, but Kelly hed to tell her different with resistance. You destroyed my family.


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It is 9020 that the Collins family wanted to send Adrianna out of the country to give birth, with plans to then put the baby up for adoption. No, it’s not an excuse and I know that. After discovering such tests were not there, they vandalize the school making Dixon solely responsible. She was the mother of Kelly Taylor and Erin Silver. He and his wife decide to get divorced, so he can be with Gail, much to the disappointment of Naomi and is once again spotted having affair with his realtor.

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He tells her that he couldn’t possibly have known the meaning of the charms of the bracelet and that he gave it to her. Go put the black dress on. She has a good relationship with her children, but clashes with her ex-mother-in-law Tabitha. He then talks to Adrianna and she tells him she has decided to go home, and that the only reason she’s been hanging around with Dixon is because he is the only one who doesn’t look at her like she’s pure evil.

Sesay begin to fall apart, however, when Adrianna reveals that she knows Navid was seeing another eesay, and that she wishes to get revenge on the girl.

Played by Kelly Lynch in seasons two and three, Laurel Cooper is an outrageously rich music producer who has a whirlwind romance with Mr.

You think he didn’t know I was underage? Look, I’m your guidance counsellor. I still can’t believe that girl deals. In addition, she is shown to have annise interest in reading.


He tells her that he will always love her, and because of this, he won’t tell anyone her secret that she ran over his uncle. Silver and Teddy’s close bond is tested when Silver inadvertently reveals his homosexuality to his family, jeopardizing his conservative uncle’s political campaign.

They have been essy apart for months…and you really think you are ready to tackle college courses?

90210 annies essay her mom

Meet ‘s Newest Troublemaker”. After seeing Teddy annnies with and kissing another girl, they kiss again, and he declares that he wants to get back together, but Silver tells him she just wants to be friends, a proposition to which Dixon agrees. Eight o’clock still good?

Archived from the original on February 5, Can I talk to you? You know, it doesn’t really matter. Annie also loses her virginity to him.

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Mark manages to take a naked photo of Annie with his cellphone, so he could show his friends that he hooked up with “the Principal’s little girl. They rush to the hospital. You have no idea how much I needed to hear that.

In season 3, he reveals that he really left as he began to develop feelings for his roommate, Tripp. No, no, I mean, “hot” hot. It’d be my pleasure.