You will have to exchange for a pass at the security post. This will help you maybe skip to a Level class when you actually attend Korean language institute in Korea after taking their placement test.. Some may require you to submit your testimonial too! I intend to major in International Studies. DD I submitted my middle school transcript as well. Please check out the video for more detailed talk.

But I hope that your application went smoothly:. If the confidentiality of the letter is compromised, the letter may be considered invalid. Are your transcripts in Korean? Also, what is the grade range like for econs students? So many pre-med students in Yonsei are actually older than your average undergrad student..

But I want you to help me further please! My Korean friends have told me that It is really hard for foreigners to find a job in Korea. As long as the package is postmarked by the deadline, the application will be accepted. When it comes to actual tuition UIC is sadly the most expensive Korean university, traditional Yonsei is cheaper. In the recruitment talk I attended back in high school, the professor said that they would consider the results of our national exam more because they know that our main examination is not the SAT.

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Underwood International College

Anyway, I am actually using the Common Application for some other Universities, and realised yonsei was there too as an option. Professors at UIC, who are prominent scholars in their academic areas, will provide the top level education in Korea with English lectures. A lot of it was personal interest for uid. Despite the assumptions of many, yes — I am staying.

yonsei uic essay

Good luck and hope that things will go well! I’m sorry but I can’t find the Wonju website in English there seems to be some technical error D: Will it strengthen my application? So what is this Notary Public thing?


So shall I start? Based on experience of my ownthe application deadline for Fall Semester is late March eseay mid April. But I need to do my online application, so do I do it through http: However if you were to enter the university, there will definitely be an application process and the selection interview.

In any case, if it is possible, I would suggest for you to take the SAT again if you are confident of getting a higher score, because a higher score is always more helpful.

The real Underwood College is far more different than that. So thank you again for all your hardwork!

yonsei uic essay

And finally, are there Indian students in the uni? For me its not a complusion that university should be loacted in Wonju or only Yonsei. Is any language proficiency required for the enrollment.? I want to ask if i can still send an email to you to ask ujc questions about the application process?


I hope that little bit of advice helped! Also, what is the grade range like for econs students?

WHY UIC? – ‘a house built on the rock’

So it really depends on your interest as well. I graduate in June but apparently I have to submit my IB predicted scores. And seriously I really appreciate the fact that you made this blog to help foreigner students like me to overcome the hardship while applying to Korea Universities.


yonsei uic essay

And new friendships are what college life is all about right? Contact me on nannadajin gmail. I would find a new way to state the point of it. I know that they do not accept pre-med applications in Fall, only Spring. Moreover, the school requires a bank statement or receipt to prove your transfer, which will take a esssay to send. If you refer to the admissions guide http: