His graduate research in the Faculty of Education focused on how underwater cameras motivate students to ask more questions and become more informed about human impacts on the ocean. In one chapter, you may be showing why the extant accounts are incorrect. No further communication regarding the student or the thesis should occur between the External Examiner and the supervisor, committee members, or student prior to the oral defense. Skip to primary navigation. Grad Studies needs a month to organize the exam and to arrange for a Chair for the Oral. Regulations governing the choice of external examiners are as follows: It is the responsibility of the department to provide the External Examiner with a copy of the thesis as soon as possible once the date of the examination has been confirmed.

The defense will last about 2 hours. Above all, start writing. Your introductory chapter pages should include an explanation of your problem, a review of the relevant literature and show how you plan to proceed. The University has two graduation dates: Return to primary navigation. This may mean that you start writing in the middle of Chapter Two rather than the beginning of Chapter One. Whatever you are going to do next, you need to hone your research and writing skills and that is what you will learn as you write an MA thesis.

Master’s thesis

The latter might consist of a doctoral dissertation, a thesie report or a long piece of investigative journalism. You may sense before you are finished that a major reorganization is necessary. You will receive an email that lists any required changes or confirms that the format has been approved.

uvic thesis defence

You ought to have been revising your work plan constantly to take account of your accomplishments which may well be more modest than you had hoped. A thesis is your own project and you have to design it and execute it yourself.


Full details are available in the calendar. The external examiner has the first opportunity to ask questions, followed by the committee members, and finally the supervisor.

Last updated October 27, If you get to that point, you should talk to your supervisor. Blending science and education with a touch of improv theatre, the year-old, third-generation scuba diver will showcase what he calls a new way of connecting with the ocean.

There is no way of knowing what you will be asked, but you can prepare in a few ways. Skip to global menu. EducationGraduate Studies. If you have a complete draft and are getting pertinent comments from your committee uic, you are likely to find that you can make extensive revisions very quickly. In this case, your committee will have found some minor errors, which can include stylistic issues, formatting inconsistencies, referencing problems, or something similar.

The External Examiner must be chosen by the supervisor and in the case of PhD oral exams must be approved by the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Return to page content. You may have turned up facts that you did not anticipate finding.

Return to secondary navigation. That’s what happens when you do research and develop deence fuller understanding of the matter you are investigating. You kvic then be able to submit your thesis.

Doctorate oral exam announcements

It is the student’s or the supervisor’s responsibility to send a copy of the thesis to the external examiner and this copy must be identical to the committee’s copies. You will have entered the program with some ideas about what you might do in the way of thesis research.

uvic thesis defence

Ideally, you will have chosen essay topics for your courses that will give you reason to thesia some of things that you need to read for your thesis. Skip to primary navigation. In one chapter, you may be showing why the extant accounts are incorrect. Although by the time candidates reach this stage especially in North American institutions they will have completed the bulk of the work required to obtain the doctoral degree, this last step is an important and often quite emotional one.


Oral defence – University of Victoria

Furthermore, you should make an effort early in your first term to talk to all the faculty members who seem to share some of your academic interests in order to get a sense of what they can defencd. There will be a second, much dsfence round of follow-up questions. Webcast begins at minute The idea here is the same as the possibility above, but in this case the changes will be more significant — perhaps there are significant omissions from your literature review, or rhesis more serious weakness in your methodology.

Your paper should set out the relevant analytic perspectives about the problem and indicate how you propose to get at the truth or at least get a bit closer to the truth about the matter at hand.

You yourself may have noticed a few things you want to change.

You will probably have ideas of your own about how to revise the thesis in order to make it stronger. New book focuses on field schools The Ring.

uvic thesis defence

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