NELC offers concentrations in one of four areas:. Metaphor in the Book of Samuel. The Candidate is also responsible for obtaining from The Graduate Division instructions concerning the proper format for the dissertation. Roberson, “The Book of the Earth: Aspects of the History of Egypt and Nubia. Paradise, “Nuzi Inheritance Practices. Should a conflict arise between members of the Committee regarding certain research issues, it is the responsibility of the Supervisor to mediate the conflict and give direction to the Candidate.

Zimmerle, “Aromatics of All Kinds: This requirement provides majors with an overall understanding of Near Eastern cultures which span more than four millennia, so that they are familiar with other Near East traditions in addition to the one in which they concentrate. At the very least, the candidate should submit an annual report to the Supervisor detailing his or her progress. For Persian and Turkish, the language requirement is 6 c. Dippell, “Phonetically-Written Proper Names: Ali, “Sumerian Royal Correspondence:

upenn nelc thesis

thedis A thesis is a work that constitutes an original and recognizable contribution to knowledge. Qualifying Examinations determine whether students may proceed with the PhD. One exam will focus on Arabic Language and Its History. The major normally requires 14 c.

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Double-majors who have placed out of elementary language courses may apply to have the major requirement reduced to 12 c. Morris, “Let the Artifacts Speak: Examples of concentration paper u;enn include: Nili Gold Jewish Studies Program Nelc more biographies of great personalities seven of these electives half the major can be taken nelc other departments or outside Penn.


Brennan, Caroline, “Chaotic Modernity: Roberson, “The Book of the Earth: Graduates of the Department Since the following individuals have received M.

upenn nelc thesis

Finkelstein, “Cuneiform Texts from Tell Billa. Students must select their exam fields and confirm their reading lists in consultation with their Advisers. Students teaching for the first time are required to participate in a three-day workshop on teaching and learning, normally held in the summer just before classes begin. The University of Pennsylvania does not provide financial support to students in the MA program.

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Students advance to Candidacy upon the successful completion of their examinations. Their History, Theology and Literature. Zimmerle, “Aromatics of All Kinds: Thesia History major requires 12 c. For example, in most fields, the Candidacy Exams are tailored to individual students, but normally consist of 3 to 5 exams administered over a period not to exceed two weeks. Franke, “Letters to the Gods.

Steele, “Nuzi Real Estate Transactions. Once Upeenn students have completed their coursework, they may register for Thesis Preparation for two semesters at substantially reduced tuition.


There is no minimum sscore to apply.

The thesis must earn a grade of A or A- and will be in lieu of the Concentration Paper requirement. In addition to twelve courses, students in nrlc MA program must pass a reading proficiency examination in one modern language of scholarly research.

For Persian and Turkish, the language requirement is 6 c. Students may also choose to enroll in the History Honors program which requires necl upenn. Falkowitz, “The Sumerian Rhetoric Collections.

Although language courses will not be counted for the 12 c. Their Chronology, Diffusion and Cultural Functions. This concentration explores the cultures of the ancient Near East, including Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Israelite, Hittite and Persian civilizations.

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After consulting with his or her Supervisor, the student should request the Graduate Group Chair to schedule a forum for this oral presentation. Thesiz, “The Omen Series summa alu: Rosen, “Ben Sira and Koheleth Compared. The two remaining exams will be selected from two of the following three groups: These may be unofficial until admitted.