Students may be admitted as part-time students in approved part-time programs listed below as stipulated in the program’s regulations. Programs may allow students to transfer their registration from the Master’s to the Doctoral degree within the same program, without completion of the Master’s degree. Graduate students will be able to opt out of any non-essential ancillary fee, which includes SOGS membership dues. The Principle of Timely Program Completion b Part-Time Student in Approved Part-Time Program Students may be admitted as part-time students in approved part-time programs listed below as stipulated in the program’s regulations. Students who begin as full-time students in programs that have an approved part-time course of study may only change to part-time registration as stipulated in c below. The School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies sets rigorous standards of admission to initial membership and provides subsequent periodic review for continued membership to ensure that all members of the Faculty are actively involved in scholarship and research and are experienced in graduate education.

More information on our website. How do I apply? Want to practice your English? Last day to declare an audit for a course starting in the winter term. This motion is to improve our current reporting methodology, keeping everyone in the process accountable.

Successfully complete your thesis examination.

If so, consider helping Dr. Students can enroll part-time in the following established part-time programs: However, students and supervisors may negotiate ongoing communication during this period. The Principle of Timely Program Completion.

Thesis Completion Guidelines

A student who does not meet these conditions will be required to pay part-time tuition for the TDO term and will continue to be registered until the final thesis is submitted. Full-time graduate students in research-based programs are expected to be active in their program for all three terms of the university year, as specified in Section 4.


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PLease watch for an announcement. Motions — Summary and Outcomes: Students who drop after this date but before November 1 will receive a WDN on their transcript.

Sign the letter here. Natalia Lapshina, Faculty of Education nlapshin uwo. All SOGS members are welcome to attend.

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These bursaries are awarded to students from Ontario with demonstrated financial need. To avoid registration and charges in the following term, the final thesis submission must take place by the last day of the current term see chart below.

These bursaries are awarded to students from outside Ontario with demonstrated financial need. Professional and Career Development Our past conferences have seen upwards of attendees, and feature keynote speakers, an expert panel, an undergraduate poster competition, a graduate student research expo, and an industry expo with Ontario companies looking to hire STEM degree holders.

Supervisors should not be put under pressure to reduce or waive this reading time. Graduate students are also entitled to at least two weeks of vacation time from their studies per year.

thesis submission deadline uwo

The supervisor will need to be allowed several weeks at least, since this is a crucial stage in the proceedings. Deadlinw part-time students must meet normal admission requirements. Normally the entire process, from the Graduate Chair’s request for a Thesis Examination to the placement of the candidate’s name on the convocation list, requires approximately five weeks.


Once all arrangements are made the graduate chair nominates the examination board to SGPS. The date for degree completion and funding of the degree program will be extended by the duration of the time taken on leave, i.

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thesis submission deadline uwo

English Conversation sessions last 2 hours, once per week, for 8 weeks each term. How do I apply? Visit the Canadian Society for Molecular Biosciences website to register or renew your membership today: If revisions continue into thrsis new term, registration and related fee charges will also continue into the new term until the final copy of the thesis is submitted.

It is important for SOGS to take action and support the needs of Indigenous students, who should have a safe space on campus. Fill out the survey here.

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