Code snippet shall have a nice border. Since applying a style is the best way to ensure compliance with document format requirements, Word is not very useful for documenting software programs. You can using Plugin Syntax Highlight in Ms. You can use altchunks to add it to the word documents. Take a look at these two links:

In microsoft word, one line can possibly have only one background color scheme. Under Language, choose “Proofing Language”. Firstly, I would suggest you to carefully consider whether you indeed want to retain syntax highlighting in a source code, embedded into a thesis document. You need to define a style in your Word document and use that for source code. I initially used the same technique but have since changed to using a table of 1×1 because I found that text boxes are an f’ing pain to position. At least I keep colors. Aleksandr Blekh Aleksandr Blekh

I am pretty sure the line spacing does tgesis apply to embedded code in this sense, the code can be similar to a figure, where you usually would not use double spacing as well. This is related to this answer: Add code snippets to a word document, with syntax highlighting for easier visibility and differentiation of code and other text.

How to format code in a thesis Word document? I am pretty sure there are some decent methods out there. Instead you should create paragraph and character styles and apply them as you go along.


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Markdown in combination flrmatieren pandoc can fhesis be a feasible alternative to LaTeXif your thesis is light on mathematics and your formatting needs are relatively modest. I had to use Google Chrome because Mozilla Firefox wasn’t copying the syntax highlighting. You can use altchunks to add it to the word documents. Be ware that those lines are for you to see the table’s grid, and the will not be printed. The most common formatting I have seen is to use Courier or Courier New as font, and put keywords such as int etc.

How to format code in a thesis (Word document)? – Academia Stack Exchange

Some other simple solutions can be found in answers to this popular question on StackOverflow. Is there at least some sort of verbatim style similar to the LaTeX environment?

thesis formatieren word

The nice thing about that is Word treats it as a figure so I can place a caption, and Word won’t try to spell-check. In microsoft word, one line can possibly have only one background color scheme. Calchas Calchas 1, 6 When using Microsoft Word you should resist the temptation to change any properties of the thesjs at all manually.

Insert a 3×3 table, in my case I always make the total width of the table equals the free page’s width 3 rows minimum to wordd the tables style. Email Required, but never shown.


I have used size 1pt. Insert a table with single column. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. It will not maintain code colouring although someone could improve my trick.

When you cross reference caption it inserts whole code as well how to solve this problem? The only options I have seen are: Copied and pasted to Word: Code snippet shall break across pages smoothly without any extra effort. Thirdly, to find the optimal Word-only solutiontry to review first several pages of more then 3M results of Google search source code highlight word document.

My examples are primarily in Java.

I agree with the why. Needless to say, this looks like crap.

thesis formatieren word

Using or not the syntax highlight is a matter of taste, and it may be not a good idea to impose it on the reader. Create a ” Paragraph Style ” with the name of ” Code ” just for your code snippets check https: My requirements were the following: Hope that answers your question.