Thesis achieves a score of 82 out of on YSlow. If you are able to help, I would really appreciate it. Thesis Theme WordPress — TechnologyIf you have any questions about copyright issues, please report us to resolve them. Consult a number of critical analysis article examples. My one major complaint here is that Thesis is still sticking to this archaic post image system.

April 11, – Genesis appears to be getting there on this one. I will look into this and see why this particular theme causes issues. March 13, – WooCommerce vs Shopify and BigCommerce. Thesis achieves a score of 82 out of on YSlow.

There are several other notable frameworks. Despite the exodus of Brian Clark, and the recent feud between Chris Pearson and Matt Mullenweg, I have it on good authority that its full steam ahead in the quest to create the best WordPress framework on the market.

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Out of the box, Genesis achieves a score of 82 out of on YSlow. The way they go about it is slightly different okay, almost completely differentif you can learn to use hooks in Thesis, you can definitely learn to use them in Genesis. I tried the archive. Hierarchy refers to the differing size of your text. March 12, – 7: As I said, the Thesis system involves a custom folder contained within the main Thesis folder…not a separate theme. The outlook for Genesis is about as positive as it 1883 possibly be.


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Use these instructions instead. Even if your site is visually and functionally similar, your HTML will be completely different and you may be penalized by Google. Look for unclosed comment tags, or comment tags that are causing the browser to ignore the front half of your code.

Genesis uses a child theme for customization. At the end of the day.

In my opinion this is a three-pronged ideal. My version is 2. Please consider registering guest. I have reached out to DIY forums, but have integrated what I learned into this thread. Contrast simply refers to the color of your text against the color of your background.

In other words, I have not tested that button as I do not have it. In another year I fully expect Genesis to be leaps and bounds ahead of where it is today.

I have not figured out how to tweak the Category page to show all the items for each listing.

thesis 183 wordpress theme

The really wordprses thing is that it trickles down to most of the child themes as well. Installing a WordPress theme is very simple, however, unlike most WordPress themesinstalling Thesis requires you to rename the custom-sample folder to custom so your theme works properly. Both frameworks are obscenely fast!

thesis 183 wordpress theme

To really be delegated to any special buying job, you need to apply for that particular assignment, and wait to get advised whether you are offered that duty. Its not perfect, but its the industry standard in my opinion, and it completely blows Genesis out of the water in this department.


You have a ridiculous amount of control over what goes in the head of your HTML document, and you can control what portion of your homepage is wrapped in an h1 tag which has some serious SEO implications! To my knowledge, neither have any of themw clients. Several users seem to be reporting issues with Thesis.

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I am not a security wizard by any stretch of the imagination. Tips September 7, February 5, For end users, customizing Thesis theme might not be that easy Download Thesis 1. From a development tehme its incredibly frustrating to not be able to find a list of filters listed anywhere on the StudioPress website or anywhere in the support forum.

The total page download for the Genesis homepage under this setup is UploadedSize Or you might possibly not have examples in any way.