Presented below are the competitors including their products, its features and its selling prices: It als o allo ws file, less ons , use r and perf or ma nce ma nag em ent. Primarily, the business firm provides educational tools such as Learning Management System LMS for any subjects that the academic institutions need. After three years of operation, the firm will accept services on creating school websites, thus additional profit is also expected. Posted by Freddie Tayag Jr at 5: Agusan del Sur Religion:

We are also open of whatever feedbacks that might consider a possible adjustment. Tagbilaran City, Bohol Religion: To create regular business reviews and course direction. Auth with social network: Through observations and researches, iProTech Learning Solutions have come up to provide educational tools for a better learning environment which simply means that academic institutions are its target market. These financial resources will be used as initial capital which will tend to increase after every sales. And over a period of time, an increase in the total number of schools in the province is recognized and these new schools are also targeted as potential customers of the product.

The survey includes the distribution of evaluation sheets to both instructor and students to assess the impact and effectiveness of the product.

technopreneurship business plan sample

The Internet is a great help in achieving a greater profit for it provides a wider area and network of market. All other strategies are discussed in the later businesw of this business plan.

Technopreneurship: Business Plans

Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. In order to achieve that, they continue their communication with other team members to maintain the harmonious relationship among them and produced a better result. Since the firm is in a partnership form, thus combination of resources specifically financial and human resources are both measured.


It will only vary on the profit margin or the profit that the firm wants. The firm will strive to market their product through certain meetings, appointments and conversations with the clients.


This concept will be implemented tecynopreneurship advertisements, fliers, brochures, magazines and other printed materials that allow advertisement of products. This comprises the following: Tailore your plan according to them. After three years of operation, the firm will accept services on creating school websites, thus additional profit is also expected. Quantitative data were also gathered out from the ratings of the respondents.

Management Teams- backgrounds of key members of the team, personnel strategy and details. Nobody reads long winded business plan, so limit it to tefhnopreneurship pages. Remember me on this computer.

pkan The task that has given to each member of the team depends on the field of specialization and the loads of work as explained on the Management Team of this plan. To set a value on a business for sale, or legal purposes. In measuring the effectiveness of the product specifically the Learning Management System, a survey was conducted to its potential customers, the schools.

technopreneurship business plan sample

The research of these schools was conducted by the project researcher with the help of the internet. Writing a Winning Business Plan.

There are still other schools that were not listed above and can be treated as potential market. Other unique features of this product are the following: Product or Services- describe your selling focusing on customer benefits. The table below shows how these total sales were gained: This means that base design has also been completed and ready for implementation. Likewise, the administrative cost for both complex and non-complex products is also the same.


The company also presumes that an increase in the demand will occur with the promotion and advertisement of products via internet since it is globally known as the best channel for acquiring a wider market. This Learning Management System can also be subscribed with additional features such as SMS and Email Notifications and a stand- alone version of the system can be use using personal computers, smartphones and tablets without an internet connection but also with an additional payment.

The basis of implementation through objectives was met and proven to be fully functional.

technopreneurship business plan sample

Strategy and Implementation- be specific, include management responsibilities with dates and budgets. To define a new business. Skip to main content.

October 1, Civil Status: Aside from the actual sales of the product, the businesx targeted to earn profit through the additional features that iProTech Learning Solutions are offering.

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