Developing a Dynamic Business Plan. To define a new business. How much and for what ownership share, and how investors will win. Accept customers that will generate a positive cash flow, even it means you have to stop writing the plan. It als o allo ws file, less ons , use r and perf or ma nce ma nag em ent. Other unique features of this product are the following:

The developers just see to it that they keep in touch with the clients to insure that their feedbacks-either good or bad will be recognized and aided. Remember that the plan is not the business. The basis of implementation through objectives was met and proven to be fully functional. Newer Post Older Post Home. Disclose or discuss any potential problem in the venture.

Let realistic market and sales projection drive the assumptions underlying the financial spreadsheet.

Cash Flow- The single most important numerical analysis in a business plan. To set a value on a business for sale, or legal purposes.

Disclose or discuss any potential problem in the venture. The table below shows how these total sales were gained: As the market grows, there comes a possibility that more competitors will also rise over a period of time.

Log In Sign Up. In order to maintain the accessibility of the graphical interface the following are the things to be done: Product or Services- describe your selling focusing on customer benefits. This concept will be implemented on advertisements, fliers, brochures, magazines and other printed materials that allow advertisement of products.


This means plaj base design has also been completed and ready for implementation. Bunawan, Davao City Religion: It answers the questions of A business. Published by Adam Fitzgerald Modified over 3 years ago.


The task that has given to each member of the team depends on the field of specialization and the loads of work as explained on the Management Team of this plan. August 12, Civil Techhnopreneurship With reference to the results of the survey, it has been validated that the product had helped enhanced the teaching strategy of the teachers as well the learning process of the students. Agusan del Sur Religion: Define and fix objectives.

technopreneurship business plan sample

Another advantage is the deployment of the customer support program to serve as the foundation of a good customer relation. Executive Summary — write this last, a technopreneyrship or two of the highlights.

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Developing a Dynamic Business Plan. Remember that the plan is not the business.

The internet is also a big help in achieving a favorable and wider market and at the same time, there businees also an ease with regards to advertising the product if done online. Aside from the actual sales of the product, the firm targeted to earn profit through the additional features that iProTech Learning Solutions are offering.


Executive Summary Description of the business concept and the business opportunity and strategy.

technopreneurship business plan sample

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Technopreneurship: Business Plans

Thus, business firms that supply such need are significant. To define a new business.

technopreneurship business plan sample

We think you have liked this presentation. The following are the designation of accountability and responsibility: Presented below are the competitors including their products, its features and its selling prices: Every business firms have their direct competitors that could either be locally or globally.

After three years of operation, the firm will accept services on creating school websites, thus additional profit is also expected. This comprises the following: To define agreements between partners.