The head of school is also extraordinary. The sports are excellent but because the teams are so outstanding, a lot of sports oriented kids are left out because if you are not currently on a travel team, you probably won’t make the tryouts. I haven’t had to deal with any difficult situations, so I can’t comment on that. And not all 14 year olds are ready for a serious college curriculum at that age. We are now starting to think about colleges, but are worried about her limitations because of her fairly low GPA from Bard.

I was a military researcher, a college professor, a consultant for the Department of Education in California, a school principal, and an elementary school teacher. Theatrical productions musical and dramatic are a big draw, and all students can participate–not just those in the screened theater program. Visit the schools and talk to other parents. This is the turning point from parent-directed to student-directed; but having said that, they need guidance. The college advisor is helpful and knowledgeable, and they will help any students with their college search process, provided the student is pro-active and goes to the college office to seek out help.

There are also a great many students who try to get by on minimal effort. Very impressed with the teachers and the broad array of courses.

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The teachers are just great. The only downside for me is that Freshman have an extra course so their day ends near 4: Visit the school with your child. Why do some schools in the United States have predominantly Hispanic and black students?


Talk with other parents about their experiences with the school. Also, they hand out the progress report while you are sitting with them which doesn’t give you the opportunity to review it before hand and come up with questions or concerns. At Beacon that is important to be able to do. All are highly educated, but that does no translate directly to skill in teaching teenagers. If yes, would you like to add some information about that experience?

We have not had any difficult situations so far. The english teachers are extremely experienced and skilled at preparing the students for the type of work they will encounter in college.

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Most of the teachers are good, some great, but my daughter certainly had her share of mediocre, inexperienced teachers. Instead, he listened carefully, took my concerns seriously and took immediate action to rectify the problem.

stuyvesant summer homework 2013

She has made great friends and thrives on the intellectual stimulation. Most of the advice so far has been boilerplate, including the choice of colleges to look tsuyvesant. And the Principal is also very invested and involved with the kids. My child is in touch with the assigned Guidance Counselor, who holds small group meetings and will answer any questions regarding College choice.

They have high hojework and expect a lot from kids – treat them like intelligent human beings capable of doing great work. Jupiter grades allows for you to see your child’s homework assignments, project and test scores on a daily basis.

I think it’s a good school academically. Should private school become illegal? If there are difficult situations parents and students are informed right away. But beware–theater productions are a HUGE time drain, which gets worse as the shows near opening.


What should I do when I graduate college? Highly recommend What is the ONE piece of advice homewor would give people: My daughter chose Bard because she wanted an academically challenging environment and small classes with engaged students, all of which Bard has.

stuyvesant summer homework 2013

He scored uncharacteristically low. She allowed him to take a retest.

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Your child will really learn how to think and write. There are many wonderful teachers, but more than a few mediocre teachers as well.

stuyvesant summer homework 2013

The classes are both engaging and challenging, the teachers helpful. The classes are small. He stopped being challenged by senior year College office was extraordinary – answered emails at 11 pm, TOTALLY went the extra mile for my son Did your child use the school’s college office? Because it’s a small school, the teachers seem to be able to create classes based on what the students are interested in.

The teachers of the advanced courses quite understandably don’t care if your child was at rehearsal until 9 PM the previous night.