A shark cull conducted in Hawaii between and destroyed over 4, sharks and had negligible positive effect on reducing shark bites. The most recent of these attacks was on a diver off the north coast of Rottnest Island on October Given these figures, is it really any wonder shark sightings have increased? Evidently, increased sightings are the direct result of much needed increases in patrol hours. He acknowledges that the public believe that it is the sharks that are increasing but the public are the ones who are spending more time in their habitat.

Do not swim at dusk or at night. Quite often when pictures are used with articles or stories, the picture supports the story or article by the tone in the writing and agrees with what is stated. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Sharks are more use alive than dead This is a difficult time. A simple, yet effective solution. You might also like A pair of blacktip reef shark neonates Carcharhinus melanopterus gently cruise among the roots in the mangrove forest of Surin Archipelago during high tide in Mu Koh Surin national park, Thailand.

Much the same was true for crocodiles, first protected in Western Australia in and then in the Northern Territory in Shark sightings are on the rise! Yet the public seems willing to engage in sshark wider debate, with shark hunts and culling off the table, to make room for new options that have clearer benefits and less costs.

Sharks are apex predators. This spring marks 75 years since the New South Wales Government first began funding shark nets along Australian beaches.


shark culling essay

He has implemented 2 methods. Shark Culling 8 August Culoing culling and shark hunts, as an acceptable government response to beach safety, have been up for consideration.

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Avoid swimming well offshore, near deep channels, at river mouths or along drop-offs to deeper water. Helping us understand more about them really is the key to both sharks and humans living and swimming in suark.

Even though this is the case, the chance of a fatal attack is still extremely rare. The other, involving a body-boarder, took place at Bunker Bay on September 4. Click to learn more https: The reality of this is, that whether you like sharks or they do play a crucial role esssy this planet. Culling sharks is utterly ridiculous. We need to make beach going as safe as possible, but zero-risk does not exist. And stinger-suits are often mandatory on swims out on the Great Barrier Reef.

Cull or be killed: is this really the solution to stop shark attacks?

Beach safety is an important issue and serious shark bites do occur. Do not swim with pets and domestic animals. There is no evidence that shark culling will benefit the public, and there could be dire consequences if we continue to kill them off.

shark culling essay

Free essay samples Essays Shark Culling. The shark looks big, but not in a scary way… In quite a majestic and beautiful way. The purpose of a baited drum line in an effective strategy would only be to attract the shark to an area far enough away from people so it sets off an alarm and esszy then be monitored, even ushered out to sea. The public is informed of the dangers and manages this delicate balance with sophistication. Expert Database Find experts with knowledge in: History and experimentation actually proves its ineffectiveness.


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Straight away, this highlights an issue in society the government really should be addressing. The ones that do wrong very wrong should face capital punishment. Republish our articles for free, online or in print, under Creative Commons license. The government are to blame for essa new law. Always swim, dive or surf with other people. At this point the shark will either decide to move along without further interaction or he might decide to take an investigative bite.

shark culling essay

People keep getting this thought that the increase of shark attacks are due to the increase in there population, but really its the increase in the human population. A man is kneeling down beside the shark with one arm appearing to be resting on the shark. Scientist from all over Australia, as well as Marine Life Advocates have been trying to drill in to Barnett that there are better solutions available, and that killing them will have no impact on decreasing the fatal attacks.