Time reversal Sakurai 4, Shankar 11 17 April — Symmetries: Matt Luzum, Aug 28, , 9: Weinberg, Lectures on Quantum Mechanics. Second quantization, field operators, operators in second quantized form. Relativistic Quantum Mechanics 4. Matt Luzum, Oct 16, , Matt Luzum, Oct 23, , 1:

Exams are to be taken without notes or books. Schwabl ch 2, 3. Shankar, Principles of Quantum Mechanics. Matt Luzum, Jul 19, , 9: Matt Luzum, Mar 13, ,

Matt Luzum, Aug 28,9: Thus a student who has not seen some particular idea or method will be able to learn it in this course. Matt Luzum, Nov 6,5: Sakurai, “Modern Quantum Mechanics” Other texts.

I will start from the beginning and develop the major ideas of quantum mechanics. Matt Luzum, Nov 21,4: Homework problems will be posted on the download page. Non-relativistic reduction, Lande g-factor, Dirac equation in covariant form. Normally, Wednesdays will be used for problem solving sessions.

Homework for PHY, Quantum Mechanics

It is for students who have had an introductory course in quantum mechanics before. Matt Luzum, Jul 19,9: Matt Luzum, Mar 27,8: Schedule A preliminary plan for the lectures is detailed below.


sakurai homework solutions chapter 2

Weinberg, Lectures on Quantum Mechanics Evaluation. Matt Luzum, Aug 13,3: Matt Luzum, Sep 28,7: Lectures are scheduled for Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, 2: Relativistic Quantum Mechanics 2. However, the pace will be too fast for a student who has not seen any of the ideas and methods. Relativistic Quantum Mechanics 1.

Deadlines Homework assignments should be handed in before the lecture on the day of the deadline. Tentative list of topics:. Matt Luzum, Nov 15,8: Matt Luzum, Sep 4, Matt Luzum, Mar 29, Quantum Mechanics I semester 2 Prof. This policy is an exception to the normal university rule about doing your own work.

Physics 215, Winter 2007

Schwabl ch 5, 6. Lorentz transformations, Covariance of the Dirac equation, transformation of spinors.

If you will need an obscure complicated formula for an exam question, I will give it on the exam. Matt Luzum, Aug 19,2: Time reversal Sakurai 4, Shankar 11 6 April — Symmetries: Matt Luzum, Sep 11,7: Matt Luzum, Aug 27, Born approximation, Optical Theorem Sakurai 7. Home Schedule Examination Material.


sakurai homework solutions chapter 2