We offer the option for you to extend the life of your enrolment once your course has expired and receive the next edition of the study text together with electronic updates. My plan was to get the exams done within a year. However being only a few months into my new role in a financial planning firm, my employer felt it would best to continue getting settled into the business and pick up more real-world financial planning knowledge that would help achieve a more convincing R06 pass in the next sitting. Unit R06 exam Booking. On reflection I went in for the resit too soon, without giving myself time to review the module content again to fix the holes in my understanding.

Unsurprisingly, the book is almost as long as R02, despite being worth only half the credits, and also includes formulae and calculations. The format is two case studies of families that need financial planning. Access is only available during your enrolment period but downloaded files will never expire. Upgrading to Enrolment plus does not extend the expiry date of your current Enrolment. My journey took a little longer, passing R01 in summer , and sitting and passing the final exam R06 in April , just a couple of months shy of the 2 year mark.

Candidates must keep up to date with legislative and industry changes that occur within the tax year. My plan was to get the exams done within a year.

Information Unit R06 exam.

r06 case study october 2013

Save while you study: The first 5 R0 exams are computer based, selecting answers on a screen with your mouse. Book now Book later. Upgrading to Enrolment plus does not extend the expiry date of your current Enrolment. I managed to pass the exam with just reading the book, no revision aids or extra study.


Included in your Enrolment plus: In fact, a reader of this site managed to do the full diploma in 6 months.

Financial planning practice

This is a generic demo based on IF5. Stucy note that access is only available during your enrolment period. It covers key and difficult topics, but not the entire syllabus. If you do not consent, you are always free to disable cookies if your browser permits, although doing so may interfere with your use of some of our sites or services.

Qualifications Learning content hub Knowledge Services. Instructions on how to download your audio material will be sent to your registered email address within 2 working days of your order being placed. Request a full system check within the equipment test page. Information Key facts booklet Digital only. Audio downloads provide an ideal way to reinforce the learning from the study text.

Financial planning practice

R06 — edition stydy to Enrolment plus. It provides visually engaging and therefore memorable learning, but it covers only key and difficult topics, not the entire syllabus.

But I was still set on getting my diploma. Charter Insurance Institute Search.

r06 case study october 2013

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I felt I was ready to sit the exam in October which would have reduced the time to reaching Diploma level to under a year and a half. Financial services current editions. So a lot to cover. Study text Developed to assist you in understanding and learning the exam syllabus, the study text breaks down the syllabus into concise sections, with each chapter containing clearly defined learning outcomes and a series of self-test questions.

R03 — Personal taxation This module is deceptively difficult. Select a month Information. Please select your local time zone to octobeer all exam sittings available for that time zone.

r06 case study october 2013

R04 — Pensions and retirement planning Another 10 credit module, this exam tests knowledge and understanding of and ability to analyse pension and retirement planning issues. Access is only available during your enrolment period. Working to get this exam passed tested my resolve but also made me more sure than ever that this path was what I wanted, and I got there in the end.

Study text, exam entry and additional revision aids. Think about what additional information you might need to provide financial advice, and think back to all the different areas of financial planning topics from the previous exams.