The first questions for the first chat are below. And some wanted to email the parents to see if anyone would donate what we were looking for. This brought up a great discussion about the difference between work and learning. I want to spark the possibility that they CAN. Either way you slice it, I as the teacher, was the owner of that decision and that was something I was no longer comfortable with in trying to achieve more democratic classroom.

This brought up a great discussion about the difference between work and learning. So I created a few stations on the floor with options for building, creating, designing, making, reading and playing. I have learned so much about my students not only as readers, writers, mathematicians and inquirers… but also as humans. We are looking for other single-subject teachers who would like to share in a a discussion with our teachers about transdisciplinary learning and the single-subjects. How do you encourage authentic action? When the students entered the classroom on the first day of school I knew there would nowhere to sit.

A warning bell of inquiry. Then when it was time to label the countries one student thought it might be helpful to use the globe as a reference. It started with a Tweet: Some students wanted to check the prices of the things on our wish-list so they browsed Amazon.

Would I do it again yes year?

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This process have involved three simple steps: Then we sorted each table into homwork groups. I think it opens a window to the bigger picture, brings in different perspectives, and makes us feel — happy, sad, mad, excited, inspired.


Social Studies Concepts — systems, community, relationships, perspective, choice, transformation, rights, democracy Hkmework. Authentic Inquiry Maths is a blog by Bruce Ferrington. This blog would be a great place to get inspiration for kids to write their own WYR questions based on the knowledge they acquire throughout the Exhibition process.

It was a success! Some students wanted to reorganize the desks and chairs.

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I took everything out of drawers, out of boxes, and off shelves. So we decided to post what we had, paint it when we felt like it and label the countries when they came up in a discussion or inquiry. This brought up a great discussion about the difference between work and learning. It is about inquiring into topics that you are passionate about and finding out what action you can take to make an impact. They are for students and teachers via Pinterest which, thankfully is unblocked at my school now!

And which bins to use. One of the coolest parts of the week for me was seeing the evolution of the Question, Problem, Idea wall.

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We decided to sort the books into three groups. I really liked it and while I was initially planning on using Google Sites, I am pleased that I went with Weebly for this piece of work.


Most of what was written on there came from me. Here is how it went!

pyp 001 homework

They have created a system that not only controls human waste, and offers simple necessities such as toilets to those who do not have them, but al so recycles the waste as fertilizer to enable the people to grow their own crops in an otherwise stubborn environment.

I loved that she was able to explain this to my kids and that they picked up on it. We inquired into our perspectives at the moment about schools, teachers, reading, writing, math and UOI….

pyp 001 homework

We soon realized that making a map was no small task! They were surprised to see just how much learning had taken place throughout the week.

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Each team had a different approach to collecting data:. I have been thinking a lot about communication and how we communicate.

Tuning In Before delving too deep I wanted to tune into what students already thought about homework. Whatever the method, I am hoping to ask the following things: Our first attempt was my worst nightmare.