Follow Up question to ask the students: Summary of the responses Your opinion about the responses What you learned by talking to others about the impact of losing digital communication Session 2 Getting Started 5 min Have students write in their journals: Students work individually on the Word Play and Assessment which are found in the lesson resource folder. Two small opaque containers, one small item for each container, two post-it notes. This is a two-session lesson. Students who are completing projects quickly should be introduced to the Python turtle API at https:

Today, we will look more closely at the process of sending information between two locations using the Internet. Students extend previous understandings about how fractions are builtfrom unit fractions, composing fractions from unit fractions, decomposing fractions into unit fractions, and using the meaning of fractions and the meaning ofmultiplication to multiply a fraction by a whole number. If you have the journals ready, have students write the answer to this prompt in the journal: Invite students to share their journal entries. Find the Area 4. Students will learn to manipulate variables and value assignments through an activity in which they must become the variable. How could a stranger interpret your last digital footprint?

Problem solving two and three dimensional shapes lesson 10.6

Put the following list of DNS and other devices on the board. Start today by planning what you need to get done each of the two days and how much will be done on this first day. What new technology might the next generation have? Additional resources on the basics of research include the following.

Write a function to return the slope and y-intercept of a function of the line through two points. Teachers are to monitor student responses to the questions following each activity to be sure that students are addressing the key content within each activity.


Solve word problems that call for addition of three whole numbers whose sum is less than or equal to. As they combine shapes, they recognize them from different perspectives andorientations, describe their geometric attributes, and determine how they are alike and different, to develop the background for measurement and for initialunderstandings of properties such as congruence and symmetry.

Ask for permission to share with your classmates or to post online. Module The same process is then repeated with rectangles in Lesson 3 and hexagons and circles in Lesson 4. Students will understand the benefits and drawbacks of street cameras and facial recognition software.

problem solving elapsed time lesson 12.9

Add four headings Punch cards, Magnetic polarity, Electrical voltage, Light intensity under which students will add content in the collaborative research activity. Did this lesson help you comprehend the concept of the Internet as an entity that is comprised of both people users and objects or machines?

problem solving elapsed time lesson 12.9

The directions below are an example. How many times do you think I will stack an object? Equivalent Fractions fractions by whole numbers 4.

problem solving elapsed time lesson 12.9

Emphasize to the students that a “bit” is just an abstraction. Slide 11 includes some tips on doing good research. Explain why the length of a string is one digit higher than the highest index value of the same string.

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Once the simulation is functioning, students will address both increased efficiency due to DNS caching, and cybersecurity concerns associated with DNS. This lesson provides the students with an opportunity to solvkng the AP CSP Explore Performance Task with a given set of tasks from which they may choose. God has at various Big idea: Summary A bit is a single unit of information. Homework – Tiem will write a reflection on how a elappsed aspect of society depends on computers. This does not require assigned reading or review just encourage them to watch the news and notice what is happening in the worldbut you could have them bring in a current event article and summary of the event for homework as additional preparation.


Students will translate prior pseudocode into Python routines.

Values can be stored in variables. Ask about how it has affected their family and friends. Reason abstractly and quantitatively. Assign students random numbers from 0 – Every student should present some of the slides; the assessment includes both individual and group components.

It is important to keep this portion of the class moving so students have enough time for the labs. The Practice Explore Performance Task is due at the start of the next period. Present a diagram that shows high-level view of the encryption and decryption process see The Code Bookp. These may help students learn their roles.

Common Factors shape patterns 4. All computer programs can be broken down into smaller, simpler steps.