The female candidates represent their college campuses from across the country. The closest guess without going over the actual weight wins more cash prize than the other three players. Any individual who wants to share their concerns or problems about love and seek for an advice can share their stories through sending an email to Eat Bulaga! In the first round, the first pair plays against each other until one player wins three times. Dabarkads Christmas Caroling is a one-day charity competition between the Eat Bulaga! Next, the player chooses one box among a group of three. Each candidate will go through a series of challenges and questions to test the compatibility with the bachelor.

They will win whatever the amount is inside the box. It is a dance contest for children. The winner of the game then moves on to the final round. A second batch of thirty EBest scholars are chosen again in The segment is a talent contest for groups who can sing and dance like the Puerto Rican boy band Menudo , who was extremely popular in the Philippines in the s. It is a special Saturday musical presentation of the BakClash Hall of Divas , who are the contestants or BakClashers from the BakClash segment who managed to advance to the next round.

Miss U is a beauty pageant for campus sweethearts who are beautiful, talented, and intelligent. Pairs are given 3 minutes to guess as much words as they can.

For the first round, contestants must form a queue from the 3 sloving of colors: Each team is led by two gay celebrities who are regular guests of the segment. It is a contest for mothers and their daughters.

There are two contestants everyday. All who wish to be eligible to win must bring specific items that the hosts mention and must then race to the numbered spots laid out on the streets in under a minute.


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Two groups of celebrity competitors face a series of exciting challenges and wat in the swimming pool. The first player to reach the finish line and follow the rules of the game wins. The segment is based on the original version of Bulagaan.

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The bualga has featured hundreds of segments and competitions since its debut on July 30, Their love story inspired many viewers. The goal of the game is to guess the word in under two minutes. Himig Pag-Ibig is a singing contest for Valentine’s Day in which pairs sing popular love songs.

Dabarkads Awards is an annual awards ceremony given to recognize exemplary productions and performances of Eat Bulaga!

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The verbal clues are any descriptions, words, and phrases that are related to the word. It serves as a promotional segment for the song ” Hello Afrika ” by Sweden-based musician and producer Dr. Unlike the other impersonation segments of Eat Bulaga! The searcher and the candidate will stand on different sides facing each other and will undergo through four stages. The contestant who gets the highest score from the Brick Game will be the winner.

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Prizes includes cash 220 a brand new car. Several inter-school editions such as Pinoy Henyo High and Junior Pinoy Henyoaside from the actual Pinoy Henyo game, also features group dance competitions among students from different schools. Contestants get to have a split screen duet with a well-known local singer, usually one of their favorite performers.


The segment is scripted and the outcome of the competition is previously arranged. It also serves as a promotional segment for the album Retro by Regine Velasquez, which also includes her cover song. proboem

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It is a singing contest which is held in the EB Studio featuring celebrities. The highlight of the competition are the funny antics of the five contestants during the introductory portion, the talent portion, and the question-and-answer portion.

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The hosts then go free-for-all, chasing and throwing cream pies at each other and at the studio audience. Seksi is a summer beauty pageant for both sexy male and female contestants.

The hosts of the segment act as messengers by reading the messages on-air. The two daily competitors are given challenges per round in an attempt that one will emerge stronger than the other. Dance groups perform the early s Filipino dance craze known as the “Metallic Gigolo,” which was popularized by the Wea Dancers. The solvig contestants will go through a cycle of questioning until only one remains.

problem solving eat bulaga april 20 2015

The spotted sari-sari store will win a cash prize and gift packs from Eveready. The game problrm as long as the player guesses correctly. Inday Henyo is a subsegment of Kalyeserye.