What solutions might it suggest to improve this situation? A norma del regolamento CE n. By this means the scientists have created conditions similar to those present on stars such as the sun. The more widespread and focused use of information and communication technologies in the public sector represents a major step towards unburdening the system, promoting greater efficiency, improving quality of service and reducing costs. Hence the following situations may arise:. Alcuni giorni fa la Eurogroup Italia, azienda che si occupa dell’acquisto e della vendita di prodotti ortofrutticoli per il gruppo Rewe Germania e per la Coop Svizzera, ha bloccato ogni acquisto e commercializzazione di prodotti agroalimentari provenienti dalle aree di Napoli e Caserta. The Commission also observes that the ECB is fully independent in its decisions.

If not, why not and what action has the Commission taken? The Professional Qualifications Directive allows Member States to require pro forma registration with the relevant professional body in order to facilitate the application of disciplinary provisions linked to professional qualifications by professionals providing cross-border services. Although not directly involved in this forum, these are issues to which the European Commission attaches great importance, as reflected in its recent Communication, which proposes a basis for a common European vision for Internet governance. Compared with common tumours, the treatment of rare tumours is lagging behind because pharmaceutical companies are less interested in research into, and the treatment of, rare diseases and the range of therapy options is correspondingly narrower. There is a risk that cyanide may pollute the Arda river, leading to cross-border pollution in Turkey and Greece and posing dangerous threats to public health. Can the Commission therefore tell me what can be done to increase the growth and job creation generated by small businesses starved of bank lending?

In light of the above, does the Commission not feel that the slogan used in the above-cited advertisement would make consumers — and especially younger consumers — believe that they simply have to consume this drink in order to get good results in their exams, thereby exploiting the fear of not doing everything possible to x such results? The Commission is aware of the concerns expressed by a number of stakeholders regarding the directive.


Has the Commission yet received information from the Spanish authorities? Environmental situation in Villaggio Ambrosiano. Reimbursement of medical treatment within the European Union.

The UNGA resolution refers to an act of genocide but does not attribute responsibility for it to Israel. Risposta congiunta di Janusz Lewandowski a nome della Commissione. L’uso dei dispositivi citati dall’onorevole deputato ha implicazioni significative per la vita privata dei cittadini. These conventions usually follow the OECD model tax convention. How it intends to help Ukraine to make institutional reforms and ensure that free and fair elections may be held?

Member States, as main olimpidi of the programme will do an important part of the data collection. What measures does the Commission intend to adopt to contribute on behalf of the European Union to avoiding any further increase in the number of victims in Venezuela and to bring to an end as soon as possible the tense situation currently reigning there?

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For this reason, services are an important component of both EU’s bilateral and multilateral problen policy. De Commissie herhaalt haar engagement om discriminatie olimpiadl grond van seksuele gerichtheid te bestrijden, met volle inzet van al haar bevoegdheden uit hoofde van de Verdragen, en herinnert eraan dat zij reeds een zeer actief beleid voert op dit gebied.

Seventh Framework Programme — Funds used in the municipality of Altino. Twenty years ago, Member States created a completely open European market by removing all borders and barriers to trade.

Freedom of religion for Pakistan’s religious minorities. Turkey as a net contributor or a net recipient?

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According to the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities, a big concern in Ukraine regards developments on the Crimean peninsula, where there is a risk that violent conflict could have negative consequences for all communities, particularly Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar groups.

Er pronlem meer gedetailleerde informatie nodig om een werkelijk onderzoek in te stellen en te besluiten of een dergelijke maatregel al dan niet staatssteun vormt.


Come valutano i funzionari dell’UE le possibili ripercussioni del miglioramento delle relazioni turco-israeliane per la regione del Sokving Oriente?

Moreover, data from the Eurydice Network indicates that the education systems of many Member States do not make provision at all for ICT teaching. Zo moeten lidstaten ervoor zorgen dat minderjarigen normaal gezien niet in aanraking komen met televisie-uitzendingen die schade kunnen toebrengen aan hun fysieke, sopving of zedelijke ontwikkeling.

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This fails to account for the fact that EU funds are also paid out to third countries. Such assessment was recommended by the Regional Health Inspectorate. The installation is located less than one kilometre from residential buildings in the town.

More detailed information can be found on www. Zwitserland blijft een partnerland totdat het een deelnameovereenkomst ondertekent. Import and sale of textiles contaminated by chemicals. While it is important to ensure that there are sufficient numbers of graduates to contribute to growth and job creation, efforts to increase the numbers of graduates should be accompanied by measures to ensure the quality of higher education programmes, and their relevance for the labour market — including, for example, elements of work-based learning, and development of transversal skills.

Tot deze netwerken behoren Vi, regionale en nationale organisaties van het maatschappelijk middenveld.

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s Tuttavia, il controllo e l’applicazione di tali condizioni di lavoro sono di competenza degli Stati membri. The proposal intends to reduce the bureaucratic barriers by several means. Books cover letters essay on father day. How to write a letter of recommendation for court essay on importance of laughter in life paragraph comparison romantic poetry essay prompt using fonts in writing a resume.

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