Notify me of new comments via email. King even goes as far as complimenting some of their ideas. They say guns are dangerous but what about the pen. The author says that guns should be allowed to a well-regulated militia as it says in the Constitution. What is your topic? You are commenting using your WordPress. Notify me of new comments via email.

Guns are a difficult topic to discuss, because, naturally, a bad experience will give the individual a bad feeling on these weapons. Guns are not necessarily bad in their own, rather people make bad choices. If her goal was to persuade gun-supporters to change their views, she was not necessarily successful; if her goal was to create camaraderie among those against gun use, she could have done a better job. There are many reasons that people should have guns, primarily safety. This is a good remark to open with, as this shows she is not some radical pacifist looking to prevent the use of guns anywhere.

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Pssst… we can write an original essay just for you. This suggestion sets up an image of gun owners as the opposite, insane and drunk crazy people running around firing weapons at random.

An Analysis of Molly Ivins’ Get a Dog, Get a Knife, But Get Rid of Guns

And this is certainly a case of just that. Professional writers and researchers.

Overall, I was pleased with the information presented in this article. Ivins begins her article with a tone of frustration toward gun owners and gun advocates in general.


Ivins concludes many reasons why alternative protection such as guns or dogs should be utilized oppose to the weapon of guns. Get an expert q write your essay! This sarcastic but truthful point warms up her audience, and shows her readers where she stands on this issue.

She geet her argument that she is in fact not antigun, but believes other forms of protection such as knives and martial arts are more practical for self defense.

molly ivins get a knife essay

The author also talks about how in the movie “Jurassic Park” that power without discipline is making this society into a wreckage. This approach makes her argument relatable to the reader as though they are with her in a conversation.

How About Make It Original? As we can conclude, certainly ifins the recent Las Vegas attacks.

Get a Knife, Get a Dog, But Get Rid of Guns Essay

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: But, I feel she is simply using these ideas as relatable topics rather reality.

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However, the author says that guns should be used but people need to be responsible, and their sales should be more thoroughly screened. This belittling of her opposition is a direct ,olly attack, straight from the big bully handbook of how to make your enemy feel small. You are commenting using your Google account. Many of the ideas presented by Ivins revealed these facts. The fact that you will have to chase a person with a sharp pointed object like a knife or use a dog to defend yourself.


The taking off divorce Essay. Although it would be interesting to see what life would be like without guns and instead other combative tools, I agree with controlling the distribution of guns and enforcing strict purchasing regulations.

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molly ivins get a knife essay

Get your paper now. We all remember the saying ” the pen is mightier than the sword” we need to take into consideration the bigger picture that faces us that it doesn’t matter how many guns or weapons you take away, there will always be death and wreckage But I would feel much safer knowing I have something on my hip to defend my right, in my country, with freedoms and liberties that allow me to stay alive.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. However, she ultimately responds to that argument with the point that s least cars have some other use than violence, which is the only purpose of a gun. How about receiving a customized one? She then proceeds to remind people that nobody alive now knows exactly what Thomas Jefferson was thinking when he knite this amendment, so many interpretations and extrapolations of the text are inaccurate and bias.

I feel that the author is successful in reaching her targeted audiences by grasping their attention early on.