If a student has a source of graduate funding, and is far enough along with the requirements, he or she will often choose to become a grad student in the fourth year eighth term. To complete the MEng, students must meet all bachelor’s degree requirements and complete an additional 90 credit units — including graduate coursework and mostly significantly, a graduate research thesis. No extensions of that guarantee beyond the final Department Deadline as listed on the front of this guide are possible. I could give myself more time to learn about computer graphics and 3D printing, while thinking about what is my next step after graduation. Electrical Science and Engineering Course Unless there is a real problem, like having barely enough units, arranging buckets only takes a few minutes.

These must be original, not digital, signatures. The Department Deadline is later than the Institute one because the Institute allows about ten days after its deadline for supervisors to read and grade theses. One important component of the grad years is funding and registration. If you are an RA, you should always register for 12 units of 6. Sample Title Page

29. Checklist for Handing in a Thesis

Besides funding, another reason to become a grad student earlier than the fifth year is to be able to get the MEng early, at the end of that term, as you need to be a graduate student for at least one regular, i. Separate thesis documents must be submitted.

mit eecs meng thesis

You can think of it as a four-year bachelors degree and a two-year masters condensed through advanced planning and integration. There are NO exceptions to this.

Be sure to bring in two copies of the thesis grade sheet if you want a receipt, so that we can stamp eec copy. They do not register for 6. One important component of the grad years is funding and registration.


Computer Science and Molecular Biology When the program was designed, the intent was to make the process of combining the two degrees smooth and transparent.

Checklist for Handing in a Thesis | MIT EECS

Each are like half-time jobs where you work around 20 hours a week either assisting in the teaching of a class or doing research, which is usually a superset of your thesis research. They very much go hand in hand, since the type of funding you have as a graduate student determines what you can register for. The Institute adds quite a bit mengg complexity to the program.

The purpose of this document is to give the details of the graduate portion of M. Computer Science and Engineering In order to get the MEng degree, it is necessary to fulfill the requirements of and receive either the tyesis, or degree, before or at the same time as the MEng degree.

Sample 6-A Title Page When to start 9. When to start 9.

17. – 21. Submitting the Thesis

Work may be begun while the student is an undergraduate for pay or for credit as UROP or SuperUROPbut the bulk of the thesis work should be done and theiss for under 6. LaCurts’ will be provided later.

mit eecs meng thesis

The MEng requires another 90 units in total beyond the units that are required for the undergraduate degree sbroken down like this: The, and MEng allows students to complete a three-subject concentration in one of the following 12 fields: How many Units are needed? Sample Title Page EECS students may apply to the 6 -A MEng Thesis Programan industry-focused variation on MEng that couples scholarly research with practical, hands-on engineering experience gained through internships at leading companies throughout the United States and internationally.


The rest of MIT has quite strict separations between undergraduate and graduate students. One way of thinking about this is to think of having a bucket which collects units for your undergraduate degree and another bucket that collects graduate units.

The MEng Program is a five or five and a half year program that enables you to get your Bachelors and Masters degree in Course 6 simultaneously or in sequence. The copies must be submitted in temporary binders consisting of two pieces of cardboard and binder clips, pictured right. Joining MEng gives Course 6 undergraduates the advantages of being able to work on a thesis project, being able to take more classes, especially advanced, graduate ones, and study their field in more depth.

mit eecs meng thesis

It is very important that the Thesis Proposal be started as soon as a supervisor has agreed to work with you on a thesis. The department MEng requirements are seamless with the undergraduate requirements, not just the difference between the bachelors and the MEng department requirements.

5. The 6A MEng Thesis | MIT EECS

The thesis may be a design project, an analytical paper, or experimental work of a technical nature. Count all the way through it.

What is the MEng Concentration?