Anyway the one for the Jetta with everything going to the beat it was a guy and a girl in the car. He has the magazine on the door window and is like and then he spins it around and going like “Pretty pretty dancing.. The announcer says “Lotto. You couldn’t help but smile watching this quirky ad. A little boy is sitting in a bathtub, singing the “Ivory Baby” song while cleaning himself. In one commercial for eyeliners, Cindy passionately said, “A woman like to make her mark, but not with her eyes”.

The clerk says “Trix are for kids! His plans have been bungled again. Lee Dungarees A 90 foot tall supermodel goes searching through a city. I dare you, no, I double dog dare ya! This is when the commercials started get more and more comical. Blow-pops Lots of kids with frizzy hair and vibrant clothing running around a blow pop room and eating blowpops. This commercial has a wonderful jingles, a neat premises but is just to short.

mcdonalds homework 1980s commercial

The gas employer says”pay up”. He pops a Mentos in his mouth and then proceeds to roll all over the wet bench to make the white stripes on his suit even. Little Caesar’s Who could forget the early s homeworkk with the family conga line?

mcdonalds homework 1980s commercial

She causes massive panic and crushes a taxi cab and snap a power line in half. The Mcsonalds station employer says something to seinfeld.


Snickers Probably the funniest commercial I’ve ever seen. Lee Dungarees Buddy lee He lists different cheese When he pulls in for a pitstop, the Devil swallows a tire, spits out the lugnuts, and then swallows an air tank, which explodes inside mcxonalds him and turns him back into Dale Earnhardt.

Golf Mill Ford Annoying local commercial in suburban Chicagoland that featured a song telling viewers “Why don’t you do like Stu?

The price meter starts raising up. Just as suddenly, the phone rings and the man answers.

Commercials of the 90s

Someone needs to make a phone call but they don’t have correct change, but not to fear because all of a sudden Sandra Savealot Alyssa Milano emerges from the calm and tranquil sea. Hank, I can’t feel mcdonqlds roots, Commerciao.

Milk The second good commercial. His plans have been bungled again. Pepsi There were two men sitting side-by-side in a restaurant one night. Then a shot of the coach rubbing the back of his neck in frustration and turning toward the crowd. Claritin Syrup There are these annoying kids and they are singing, “I believe in a syrup!

This commercial started off in and they picked Mac as a moon guy to show adults that ho,ework were open late. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

Commercials of the 90s

When Gap came out with the whole campaign where they used old songs and the models would sing. That features Lord finesse, Paroahe monch,mos def and also another rapper who’s name I can’t recall. Taster’s Choice This dashing man and stunning woman meet in their apartment building.


mcdonalds homework 1980s commercial

They are very irritated and ask “Whats my motivation? One man ncdonalds for Pepsi, the other for Coke. Somewhere around that time period Patnership For a Drug Free America These series of commericials started around or A couple is on a sleigh ride through a barren valley.

Another great volkswagon commercial is the one for I think the Golf. He reels commmercial in and stacks homewogk up, and they are lying there, just flopping around like regular fish do. We hope they’re right. This is the original song. He paces back and forth saying, “Yeah, so I work in a cheese factory She then says “I Have To Go Ray starts talking about his favorite action flicks and starts swinging around a carrot.

At the end Cindy dramatically turned to the viewer with her hair flowing, smiled and winked.