Bowling Lanes A recreation center has four bowling lanes l1, l2, l3, l4. Make this side congruent to the first two sides. A restaurant is located at each vertex. What can you prove about quadrilateral ABCD? Because the three parallel lines intersect two transversals, they divide the transversals proportionally by Theorem 6. RS Can the statement be assumed to be true from the diagram? The Exterior Angle Theorem states that the measure of an exterior angle of a triangle is equal to the sum of the measures of the two nonadjacent interior angles.

Solve the formula for r. Find and correct the error. Find the unknown side length. You want to have a row of tulips in R the garden that is 35 feet long. Reston The distance between two locations on a map is given along with the actual distance between the locations.

Vocabulary What is the difference between dividing segments proportionally 6.1.63 dividing segments equally? Reasoning What is the difference between the interior and exterior angle measures in the Example and Exercise 1? Your friend looks directly across the river at a tree. Mixed Problem Solving For use with pages 24—56 1. The wall is 18 feet kixed by 14 feet high.


Multiple Choice In the diagrams to the right, which side length is the longest? The lengths in meters of two sides of a regular triangle are represented by the expressions 3x 2 5 and x 1 9.

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Find the perimeter of the pentagon. Its shape is a right triangle. Shopping You and a friend are going shopping. Explain how you know they are congruent. STEP 3 Find how many times as tall as your model the building is.

lesson 6.1-6.3 problem solving workshop mixed problem solving geometry

Use proglem reflection in the x-axis to draw the other half of the figure. Short Response The table shown below is shaped like a regular pentagon. Show a pair of corresponding angles.

Give the sizes and the ratios. Concepts and Skills Text: Find AC if AB 5 56 feet.

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Coat Hanger The triangular portion of a coat hanger is shown below. What is the perimeter of the table, in feet? The horizontal crossbars in the kit are each 30 inches long. Write two equations to represent the total cost for Joe and for Chris. Forestry You stand 40 feet from the base of a tree. Suppose you add 6 feet to the cable length in part a. Pittsfield and Leeville as shown on the map is 24 miles. K L N M Find the value of workahop. Find the length of a side of the octagon.


N house and the movie theater.

lesson 6.1-6.3 problem solving workshop mixed problem solving geometry

M N Find the value of x. Two points on the line.

C It has two pairs of parallel sides. Then write the ratios of the corresponding sides in a statement of proportionality. Which type of transformation is shown in the figure?

Short Response College and professional rules of football state that the crossbar of the goalpost should be 10 feet above the ground.

If you go to the supermarket, you will buy 1. Copy the congruent triangles shown at the right. Multiple Choice Two lines m and n are parallel.