The winning essays will be published in the Korea Times, in a booklet and an e-book. Must be written in English. Since there is no one strategy for discipline, the correct framework for discipline is to approach identified predictors of behavior to create an environment that avoids problems. Dokdo is Korean territory,” he said. Bridging the gap between clinical and classroom intervention: Inquiries will be answered through the above email. It is no wonder that scientists would go to Dokdo to investigate the use of sea algae.

Both South Korea and Japan lay claim to this islands based o Dokdo Essay Contest winners. Historical understanding of Dokdo: The effect of alternative discipline techniques on behavioral and social outcomes in school-aged students with problem behavior. This allows the discipline strategy to be more prescriptive rather than re-active. Because Dokdo is known by Koreans as part of Korea, it’s use is consistent with Korea’s attitudes today. Congratulations and a special “hank you” to all who participated.

2017, 5th Annual Dokdo History Essay Competition

As a sovereign state, those uses will be as good as the way the state itself is governed. Punishment may even offer incentive to a child involved in challenging behavior by providing esswy with attention, or distraction, or affecting some other compensation.

For Korea, Dokdo is a deep cultural memory, held in the heart and never a dispassionate current border dispute. Muslims welcome holy month of Ramadan.

Essay contest on Dokdo

The report identifies three main areas of child development, or constancies, known as keystones, relating to his relationships with teachers, peers, and his work or curriculum. The year isand Korea is hot! Teachers will have to be sharp and insightful to provide this structure to their students. All essay competition participants will receive gifts! For Koreans, the border dispute over Dokdo is a reminder of that time when the country was weakened by colonial occupation from Japan.


korea times dokdo essay contest

Young Seoulites navigate future with city’s youth allowance program S. Currently, there is a controversy between Korea and Japan, the two neighboring countries, arguing about Dokdo ownership.

The Gold Prize winner will receive 1. If you click on the Korea Times homepage- http: These keystones are compliance with the teacher, social skills with peers, and on-task skills with his curriculum.

The Meaning of Dokdo for Koreans by Chris George

Needless kodea say, singling out just five essays for the awards was very difficult, but at the end of the day, The Korea Times chose the following participants as top winners.

Dokdo is Korean territory,” he said. Display posts from previous: Summary of the articles reviewed Bridging the gap between clinical and classroom intervention: The Gold Prize winner will receive 1. The two modern approaches examined come from a report on a technique called the keystone approach, and another offering a three-stage approach to proactive discipline in a classroom setting. This page is maintained by the one and only Dave Sperling. In this manner, students became better adjusted in class.

The Korea Times and the Northeast Asian History Foundation invite foreigners as well as Koreans to participate in an English-language essay contest on the territorial sovereignty over the Dokdo islets. However, the theory of the keystones is to address only three different competencies by challenging the student in the corresponding areas compliance, social skills, and on-task skills.


All submissions were read by the editorial staff and screening committee members. Because Japan still lays claim to Dokdo, the specter of the colonial days has not lain to rest yet.

, 5th Annual Dokdo History Essay Competition – KCHEFNE

Some foreign nationals living in Korea participated in the contest. June 5 Announcement of successful entries: Either Korean or English. The modern shipbuilding, information technology companies, pop music phenomena, foreign language skills, and global charity by which Korea is known to the contemporary world arose in the last forty-five years.

korea times dokdo essay contest

Treating the causes of problem behavior to affect control, rather than controlling the classroom through reactive discipline seems ideal. These questions are important because problem behavior is injurious to all involved. The purpose of the study was to research effective ways of discipline in a classroom setting, and to examine how students were affected.

Essay contest brings focus to Dokdo issue. A few weeks ago, readers were invited to submit word essays on “Why is Dokdo Korean territory?