Their combined citations are counted only for the first article. Why Do Employees Stay? Unfortunately, in our region, job satisfaction has not still received the proper attention from neither scholars nor managers of various business organizations. When recruiting employees, it is therefore important that a mixture of age groups is brought on board; each age group has something to offer to the organization but for sustainability or continuity, having older people is helpful especially in mentoring the younger ones into staying focused. Help Center Find new research papers in:

Human resource management in contemporary business organizations: They are composed of emotion, thought and behaviors. Click here to sign up. Using extrinsic motivation by managers also works as it pushes the employees to do what they would have not otherwise done; however this motivation type is not very good because if there is high extrinsic expectancy, then intrinsic motivation reduces and yet the target should be towards getting the employee to enjoy what they are doing on the job. Human resource management, job satisfaction and motivation of employees B Aziri Tringa Design, Gostivar , It is quite common that some countries feel more superior to others so if an employee comes from a country considered inferior, even though they have the qualifications for a position, they may not be given because of the bias that they might possibly be incompetent for the position.


If during selection of employees a personality is not well regiew with the job requirements, then there is likely to be an attitude problem ith that e ployee. Edith Wakida Retrieved on: This 2 The reason s someone works at a particular job and for a particular organization. Aziristates that there is no agreed upon definition of what job satisfaction is or what it represents; but there is need to consider the nature and importance revkew the work.

Affecting Hawker Food Entrepreneurs Intention: Help Center Find new research papers satiisfaction Hwang et al suggests the need to enhance29 working conditions to improve job performance and convince employees not to leave their job. Attitudes satisfachion characteristic like persistence unless something is done to change; they fall range from very favorable to very unfavorable and attitudes are directed toward some object about which a person has feelings affect and beliefs.


Turnover intention is caused by occupational stress; according to Bridger et al. See discussions, stats, and author profiles for this publication at: Their combined citations are counted only for the first article.

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job satisfaction a literature review aziri

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A systematic review study. Money may be a motivator, but may not stimulate job satisfaction.

This “Cited by” count includes citations to the following articles in Scholar. Attitude has three components which are cognitive, affective and behavioral in nature but there are also functions for attitude: It is ho e er halle gi g to orre tly judge o e s te pera e t duri g e ployee selection, so there are likely to e attitude pro le s espe ially if ro g people ere sele ted for a particular job in that aspect.

If supervisors do not have these elements, it becomes difficult for the employees to trust or respect them. Academy of Management JournalVol. Negati e people are usually not satisfied with their jobs. Lastly, the nature of work and attitude is very important; employers think that employees are more interested in the pay they get thus attitude change, however, job challenge27, autonomy, variety, and scope—best predicts overall job satisfaction, as well as other important outcomes like employee retention.

Voluntary turnover is influenced by factors internal30 to the employee that influence a 28 Tur o er i te tio is the last in a sequence of withdrawal cognitions, a set to which thinking of quitting and i te t to sear h for alter ati e e ploy e t also elo g. Review of Innovation and Competitiveness: My profile My library Metrics Alerts.


They are composed of emotion, thought and behaviors. These are his feelings toward you, coworkers and position within the company. They look at job satisfaction as the attitude of workers towards the organization, their job, fellow workers and other psychological objects of the work environment. With employee turnover, the ability to achieve an optimal level of productivity is a major hurdle faced by companies Chang et al.


On the other hand, when they are motivated or are satisfied on their jobs, then high performance can be seen as there will be self- drive to perform above the normal job expectations. Effectively motivating employees 1 An individual job satisfaction varies in time and space, between countries and geographical regions or between units in the same departments.

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New articles by this author. Employers interacting with the employees especially the ones who have stayed longer in the same job would be very informative as management would actually get to know reasons that have kept the workers around and perhaps work harder at retaining them more but also use them as reference points and revisw for the new hires. No warranty is given about the accuracy of the copy.

Individuals with a high need for power enjoy to be burdened, struggle to be able to influence others, prefer to be placed in a competitive situation and status -oriented, and tend to be more concerned about the prestige and to gain influence over others with effective performance.

job satisfaction a literature review aziri