Properly prepared and facilitated, JAD sessions can significantly speed up the design phase and involve users at an intense level. But compared to what WestJet endured, the company was extremely well prepared to handle these problems. The object-oriented design phase describes how the objects will behave and how they will interact with one other. Visit the Web site of your choice and explore it thoroughly. It only took two months to build, test, and implement the entire system using this software. It also serves as yet another reminder of how successfully planning for and implementing new technology is just as valuable as the technology itself. Acceptance testing provides the final certification that the system is ready to be used in a production setting.

There is no ideal mix. The Girl Scouts do not have to pay for any hardware, software, or networking services because QuickBase runs everything for them on its servers. Building Information Systems and Managing Projects inaccessible during the file transfer and for a period of time thereafter, because Sabre had to adjust the flights using the new system. But when these companies need to make sweeping IT upgrades, their relationships with customers and their brands can be tarnished if things go awry. Often the orientations of both groups are so at odds that they appear to speak in different tongues. How can I develop a solution to an information system problem that provides genuine business benefits?

The Interactive Session on People provides another real-world example of the problem-solving process at work as Honam Petrochemical Corporation in South Korea develops a new management reporting system. Processes broke down and the lack of standardization among the tools and processes used by DST prevented Scrum from providing its maximum benefit to the company. Once the risks are prioritized, go through the list and identify which risks are controllable, which risks are wesjtet that can be mitigated, and which risks must be accepted.

For instance, the risk of losing key personnel can be mitigated by providing completion bonuses or even just monitoring their happiness more closely. Develop an initial prototype. However, if extensive customization is required, additional programming and customization work may become so expensive and time- consuming that it negates many of the advantages of software packages.

JetBlue and WestJet: A Tale of Two IS Projects Case Study

The open rectangles represent data stores, which are either manual or automated inventories of data. The testing process requires detailed testing of individual computer programs, called unit stuyd, as well as system testing, which tests the performance of the information system as a whole. Classify and describe the problems each airline faced in implementing its new reservation system. Chapter 4 points out that the software for most systems today is not developed in-house but is purchased from external sources.


JetBlue and WestJet: A Tale of Two IS Projects – Case Study Example

The company recently revised its oil delivery and billing system so that oil truck drivers can calculate and print out a complete bill for each delivery and leave customers with the bill and a return envelope at the time the delivery takes place. On the downside, this assumes the ability to develop high-quality systems is widely distributed, and that, a German team, for example, can successfully implement systems in France and Italy.

jetblue and westjet a tale of two is projects case study answers

A written systems proposal report describes the costs and benefits, and advantages and disadvantages of each alternative solution. Classes of objects in turn inherit all the structure and behaviors of a more general class and weatjet add variables and behaviors unique to each object.

The projects in this section give you hands-on experience evaluating information systems projects, designing a customer system for auto sales, and analyzing Web site information requirements.

Either the airline successfully completes its overhaul and the customer notices no difference in the ability to book flights, or the implementation is botched, angering customers and damaging the airline’s brand.

Large projects benefit from appropriate use of formal planning and tools for document- tqle and monitoring project plans. Headquartered in Calgary, Canada, WestJet was founded by a group of airline industry veterans inincluding Neeleman, who left to start JetBlue shortly thereafter.


Use what you have learned from the Web site and the description in this book to prepare a report describing some of the design specifications for the system you select. Is it a people problem, an organizational problem, a technol- ogy problem, or a combination of these? Defining the problem may take some work because various members of the company may have different ideas about the nature of the problem and its severity.


Outsourcing offshore incurs additional costs for coping with cultural differences that drain productivity and dealing with human resources issues, such as og or relocating domestic employees. Other than that, both airlines needed more processing power to deal with a far greater volume of customers. JetBlue also sold smaller numbers of seats tsudy the flights that did take off that day. WestJet had not anticipated the transfer time required to move the files and failed to reduce its passenger loads on flights operating immediately after the changeover.

One tactic is to permit each country unit in a global corporation to develop one transna- tional application first in its home territory, and then throughout the world. This portfolio of information systems investments can be described as having a certain profile of risk and benefit to the firm see Figure In order to get a consistent number for all of the risks, multiply the probability which should be per interval of duration by the impact and finally multiply that by the duration.

You will need to select the projects that promise the greatest benefit to the business. They also are more likely to react positively to the completed system because they have been active participants in the change process. The Girl Scouts do not have to pay for any hardware, software, or networking services because QuickBase runs everything for them on its servers.

Most people value their own sense of self-worth and they believe that their ability to meet their personal commitments is a part ane the admirable part of their self.

jetblue and westjet a tale of two is projects case study answers

It adopted the Scrum methodology for software development. Hundreds of thousands of bookings for future flights that were made before the changeover were. Your firm is most likely to benefit from outsourc- ing if it takes the time to evaluate all the risks and to make sure outsourcing is appropri- ate for its particular twwo.