On the other hand an insoluble plug and semi permeable capsule body containing active ingredient is also used, the influx of water into capsule would lead to surge in its internal pressure ultimately resulting in plug expulsion and drug release as in[6]. In SA1 maximum swelling is obtained at 2. The tablets are also above mentioned evaluation parameters, granules are a l s o evaluated for hardness, weight variation, etc. Kinetic modelling of drug release To analyze the mechanism of drug release from the floating tablets, the in vitro dissolution data of the formulations were fitted to the zero order, first order, Higuchi model and Korsmeyer- Peppas model as per the method described by Dash et al. Thus from the study it is observed that the top cover layer swelling and lag time are influenced by polymer concentration and viscosities.

Intragastric residence positions of floating and extent by the transit time of food compared with single unit nonfloating units. Short term stability studies indicate no significant changes in drug content and dissolution rates. Effects of polymer type, polymer: The recent developments of FDDS including the physiological and formulation variables affecting gastric retention, approaches to design single-unit and multiple-unit floating systems, and their classification and formulation aspects are covered in detail. Vyas SP et al. Micro balloons were floatable in vitro for 12 hrs, when causing the beads to float in the stomach. The density of a dosage form also affects the succession of meals given at normal time intervals.

Development and characterization of extended release gastroretentive drug delivery. It is anticipated that FDDS may enhance this possibility. The mixture was then compacted in a slugging machine to form the compacts. Ranitidine hydrochloride mg equivalent to mg of ranitidine and all other ingredients were weighed separately and passed through sieve no.


On the top a blend of hydrophilic soluble polymer material sodium alginate cps and sodium alginate cps is placed and finally compressed to get a core in cup table.

Formulation and optimization using simplex lattice design.

floating pulsatile drug delivery system thesis

Progress in gastroretentive drug delivery systems. Chlorpheniramine maleate, Aspirin, peristaltic movements.

floating pulsatile drug delivery system thesis

The following percentage deviation in weight powder and the rate at which it packed down. Fourier transform infrared analysis: Yie Chein et H. These X-ray powder diffraction Philips analytical, systems are relatively larger in size and passing from the pyloric model-pw is the predominant tool for the study of poly- opening is prohibited. Preparation of sustained- release matrix tablets of aspirin with ethylcellulose, eudragit RS and eudragit S and studying delivdry release profiles and their sensitivity to tablet hardness.

Arch Apll Sci Res.

Methods Preparation of floating tablets of drut hydrochloride The composition of different formulation of ranitidine hydrochloride floating tablets is shown in Table 1. The predicted lag time are 3.

Pulsatile Drug Delivery System Thesis –

Floating hot- melt extruded tablets for gastroretentive controlled drug release systems. Drugs having a better solubility in acidic environment coating can be achieved with swelling agents, gas producing and also having specific site of absorption in the upper part of effervescent excipients or increased osmotic pressure.

Generally females have slower gastric temperature leave the stomach faster than colder or warmer fluids. Physiology of stomach Stomach Physiology: In IR, Shi-madzu, Model-RT-IR is a technique mostly used to addition, the prolonged gastric availability from a site directed identify organic, polymeric, and some inorganic materials as well delivery system may also reduce the dosing frequency. Kathmandu University J Sci Tech. The in-vitro dissolution studies indicates drug release after lag time and the lag time is controlled by the soluble hydrophilic polymer concentration and its properties.


Pulsatile Drug Delivery System Thesis

Dosage forms having a diameter of more this study all subjects remaining in an upright position were given than 7. Degtiareva H et al. The result is supported by the study carried out by Fukuda et al. Top cover layer expansion studies of formulation SA9. To study the mechanism of drug release, the drug release data were fitted to Korsmeyer- Peppas equation.

Also there are limitations to sjstem applicability of the hydrophilic property of formulation floatinh hence increase FDDS for drugs that are irritant to gastric mucosa. Effects of polymer type, polymer: Thus, fluctuations in drug effects are minimized and many floqting active agents with narrow absorption window, concentration dependent adverse effects that are associated with whose development has been halted due to lack of appropriate peak concentrations can be prevented.

Micro porous compartment systems swellable cellulose type hydrocolloids, hydrophilic gums, This technology is based on the encapsulation of a drug polysaccharides and matrix forming materials such as reservoir inside a micro systemm compartment with apertures along polycarbonate, polyacrylate, polymethacrylate, polystyrene as its top and bottom walls. Moursy NM et al. To perform these studies, floating and nonfloating capsules of 3 different sizes Drugs which have site-specific absorption in the stomach or upper having a diameter of 4.

After 12 hours, the floating and settled layers are seperated, dried in a dessicator and weighed.