Early Release of Parchment Order Form. Checklist for Submission of Thesis Form. Supervisors of students requesting extensions will need to upload an attachment in workflow with the following information:. Extended comments on related work should be part of the introductory chapter. Writing the thesis You will write a thesis to the acceptable standards with the support of your supervisor and co-supervisor and committee. Read Defense well before your thesis is completed take careful note of the deadlines. Once your thesis is completed you can start preparing for your defense.

Checklist for the Submission of a Thesis. Follow the steps below. Extensions are granted to students who encounter difficulties while actively trying to complete their program. The fold must not extend to the full width of the page in order to leave room for binding. Courses that have been completed six or more years prior to the reinstatement must be shown to be relevant. A new application is required from students who are seeking entry to a new major or program. Confirm with your department that this form has been completed and sent to the FGSR.

fgsr thesis guidelines

Defined clearly in the paper where they first appear. A failing grade or a grade of Deferred or Incomplete renders a student ineligible for graduate funding until either the failed course or substitute or the outstanding course work is successfully completed. That is certainly true for the individual papers, but it needs to be remedied in the thesis. Your supervisor and committee will guide you throughout your program.

The course has been critically assessed by the academic unit and the corresponding faculty, verified by the Library and approved at Executive Council. FGSR must receive this form by the listed guuidelines in order to avoid future registration and fees.


A student who has been discontinued for administrative reasons i. Application for Tuition Adjustment in Extenuating Circumstances. The student is expected to meet with their entire supervisory committee at least once a year.

Formatting a Thesis

Supply pseudocode for all of your algorithms so they can be re-implemented by others – this material should appear in an appendix. Restricting Access to a Thesis: The student who has not completed the prescribed courses may make a formal request for an extension, justifying the reasons why an extension may be warranted. Deadlines are firm and are not subject to fgsd by departments or students.

fgsr thesis guidelines

Wireless Sensors Student Profile: Tied together, where possible, in your concluding comments. All theses must conform to the specifications provided on this website to ensure that submission of the final corrected copies for Library approval will comply with the requirements set out by National Archives of Canada.

The University of Regina is committed to excellence in scholarly activities and as such is committed to assuring that the highest standards fgsrr scholarly integrity are to be understood and practiced.

This is only required if requesting to delay the release of the thesis. Graduate Student Audit Registration. It is the student’s and supervisor’s responsibility to ensure that the thesis is in an acceptable format this includes the fsr of the writing, correct layout of the pages, and a properly formated bibliography.

Here are some suggestions to make the final dissertation effective:. U of R Home. If you do not have guixelines latest version, click the following link to download it.

fgsr thesis guidelines

The research is directed and guided by the supervisor and other members of the supervisory committee required for all doctoral students but optional fger master’s. Graduate Studies and Research. The External Examiner will write a report on the thesis which the student may have after the defense and decide if the thesis is acceptable to go to defense.


Thesis Dissertation Guidelines | Faculty of Science

The University does not require the publication of Doctoral theses as a whole other than in microfilm by the UMI. Students must comply with the study permit regulations. If revisions of the thesis are required by the examining committee prior to submission to FGSR and the Library, students must submit the final corrected copy no later than the end of the next ugidelines or the student will be required to register.

Guidelnes may have to click ‘Enable Editing’ before proceeding. Furthermore, the student must have shown the ability to work independently in the chosen field and must have made an original significant contribution to the advancement of knowledge.

Any of the forms below are in PDF format.

Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research

If either the External or the Chair requests a paper copy of your thesis, you will be required to provide one to them. Request for Confidentiality of a Thesis. Doctoral Students The student must have demonstrated proficiency in a broad field of learning, and the ability to initiate and evaluate work in the corresponding field.

Your submission is not complete and you will not meet the deadline until your thesis is guidelined by the FGSR.