If Hyderabad does not see the writing on the wall, it goes the way Junagadh has gone. More than 6, villagers assembled to hear Patel speak in support of proposed agitation against the tax, which was deemed immoral and unnecessary. In , there was an election for the post of Congress president It was decided that the elected Congress president would become the first PM of independent India. All the best PM narendramodi A strong and powerful govt makes country powerful and strong. After cross-examining and talking to village representatives, emphasising the potential hardship and need for non-violence and cohesion, Patel initiated the struggle with a complete denial of taxes.

Salute to the scientist of the nation. Patel promptly handed the money over to the Vithalbhai Memorial Trust. Patel,” at the home of his elder brother Vithalbhai, who had the same initials as Vallabhai. ICF, world’s largest coach manufacturer, rolls out 60,th coach https: It comprises a museum, a gallery of portraits and historical pictures, and a library containing important documents and books associated with Patel and his life. Patel, however, publicly came to Nehru’s aid. Birth place of Sardar Patel is Nadiad and native place is Karamsad.

To give a simple analogy, we get mesmerized during the inauguration function of a building, we often forget to give due credit to the engineer behind the construction and instead end up admiring the charismatic chief guest who cuts the ribbon.

On Gandhi’s encouragement, Patel became the secretary of the Gujarat Sabhaa public body that would become the Gujarati arm of the Indian National Congress.

essay on sardar vallabhbhai patel contribution to modern india in hindi

Patel is the namesake of many public institutions in India. Even today he is remembered as the man who united India. The revolt evoked sympathy and admiration across India, including among pro-British Indian politicians. I am an experienced web content management professional with a sound understanding in website content development, content editing, SEO, and internet research. The amazing qualities of leadership Sardar Patel.


essay on sardar vallabhbhai patel the architect of united india in english

Barrister Politician Activist Freedom Fighter. Nehru gave Patel a free hand in integrating the princely states into India.

Indian nationalists and large segments of the public feared that if these states did not ballabhbhai, most of the people and territory would be fragmented. Practical Visionary was Sardar Patel. Along with his daughter Mani and son Dahya, he switched completely to wearing khadithe locally produced cotton clothing.

Essay on Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel: the architect of united India in 700 words

Such a fight must await an appropriate time and conditions and you must be watchful in choosing your ground. While Nehru, Rajagopalachari, and Maulana Azad initially criticised Gandhi’s proposal for an all-out campaign of civil disobedience to force the British to quit India, Patel was its most fervent supporter.

Social Media Corner 22 May May 22, Minister of Home Affairs — The most historic and commendable achievement of Vallabhbhai was the integration of Five hundred sixty two princely states under the Indian union.

essay on sardar vallabhbhai patel the architect of united india in english

When Patel saw a copy of the letter in which his brother had left a majority of his estate to Bose, he asked a series of questions: Patel, along with Defence Minister Baldev Singhadministered the entire military effort, arranging for troops from different parts of India to be rushed to Kashmir and for a major military road connecting Srinagar to Pathankot to be built in six months.

He oversaw the restoration work and the creation of a public trust, and pledged to dedicate the temple upon the completion of work the work was completed after his death and the temple was inaugurated by the first President of India, Dr. Patel was the last man to privately talk with Gandhi, who was assassinated just minutes after Patel’s departure. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was the Indian Iron man who travelled the breadth and length of the country and convinced regional kings to join their kingdoms with the Independent Union of India.


Sardar Patel s untiring efforts towards the unity. Archived from the original PDF on 19 October Maniben Patel Dahyabhai Patel. Patel travelled to attend schools in NadiadPetladand Borsadliving self-sufficiently with other boys. To the ordinary stresses of a transition caused by the withdrawal of trained personnel which had wielded all power for a hundred years was added the strain of partition, and the immense human upheavals and suffering that followed it.

When we raised the question of settlement in a democratic way, they Pakistan at once told us that they would consider it if we applied that policy to Kashmir. Tatathe Industrialist, Maulana Azad and several others expressed the opinion that Patel would have made a better Prime Minister for India than Nehru. Patel organised a network of volunteers to work with individual villages, helping them hide valuables and protect themselves against raids.

essay on sardar vallabhbhai patel the architect of united india in english

What was Sardar Vallabhai Patel’s role in contributing to modern India? In India and elsewhere, he was often addressed asSardar, which meansChie.

Patel’s health declined rapidly through the summer of Get the App Now! Based at an apartment in Mumbaihe became the Congress’s main fundraiser and chairman of its Central Parliamentary Board, playing the leading role in selecting and financing candidates for the elections to the Central Legislative Assembly in New Delhi and for the provincial elections of SushmaSwaraj passportsevamea Passport Seva has to be the best service offered across India public or private.