Rosenthal, denied that he had pulled Bonner because of pressure from the Right. Fourteen of Pereira’s family members were shot dead that day, including his mother and both brothers. The Post rewarded Guillermoprieto by promoting her to a full-time job in Washington as a reporter. They did not find him in the coffee shop but wandering on the road nearby. But dangerous assignments like coverage of the wars in Central American foster camaraderie among foreign correspondents. The military had just spent an entire day murdering its hundreds of inhabitants.

The war dragged on for more than a decade. There was no more arguing. El Mozote massacre was preceded by the Indigenous Genocide massacre of , the Student massacre of , Oscar Romero funeral massacre and Sumpul River massacre in , it was followed by El Calabozo massacre in , Tenango – Guadalupe massacre , Tenancingo – Copapayo massacre in , and Guaslinga – Los Llanitos massacre in Men, women, and children were taken from their homes, lined up, robbed, and shot, and their homes then set ablaze. According to declassified CIA documents, the operation involves troops, approximately one-third of the Armed Forces, and is scheduled to last until December

They appeared a day before President Reagan sent Congress his certification that El Salvador was “making a concerted and significant effort to comply with internationally recognized human rights. Salvadoran Army, Atlacatl Battalion.

el mozote massacre case study

Between the Risings Issue The mass shootings continued until December After her talks with Hoagland and De Young, Guillermoprieto slept for a day. A massacfe of those involved received promotions over the following decade. If the massacre was intended to strike so much fear into the hearts of guerrillas and their supporters that they would give up their arms, it failed.


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Near the village was a small schoolhouse. The editorial accused Times editors and reporters who had defended Bonner of closing “ranks behind a reporter out on a limb. The Atlacatl soldiers, however, pounded on the homes and forced everyone to come out and lie down on the square in the darkness. Many townspeople also likely reasoned that their odds would be better staying in a town without guerrillas than to be caught somewhere else with them, which would almost certainly result in death.

El Mozote massacre: Waiting for justice nearly 40 years later

El Mozote showed what the Salvadoran regime was capable of, and what the US government was willing to tolerate, excuse, and cover for in service of supposed anticommunism. Retrieved May 1, Ours to Master Issue Those guilty of crimes will not face jail terms, however.

The soldiers entered the house and began slashing the children with machetes, breaking their skulls with their rifles and choking them to death. Like Alan Riding of the Times, Guillermoprieto no longer traveled to San Salvador because of right-wing death threats.

The attacks were too furious to be ignored in the Times newsroom. Despite the obvious hatred of him by right wing extremists, he would jog by himself every morning.

US State Department via ncsu.

el mozote massacre case study

An array of bones lay in the burned sacristy. The editors had no hesitation about approving the trips into rebel territory. El Mozote consisted of about 20 houses on open ground around a square. Though she might find herself in extreme dangers, she understood that these were “the rules of the game. The other women began begging and resisting the soldiers. The most traumatizing thing was looking at these little houses where whole families had been blown away — these recognizable human beings, in their little dresses, just lying there mummifying in the sun.


While waiting two days for an escort, she walked up and down the hills of Tegucigalpa in what she now calls “a desperate attempt to get into shape. She rolled the pages into a plastic film canister and persuaded a young rebel courier to take it to Tegucigalpa.

Immediately after the report is released, Judge Portillo and the district attorney attempt to incorporate a false rumor about landmines in the zones where the El Mozote Massacre took place into the criminal investigation, effectively stalling case progress.

Bonner says that three of his Nicaragua stories were never published. Reporters, according to Michael Massing of the Columbia Journalism Review, became “wary of provoking the embassy.

She also felt “there was a ring of mistrust around me” because of her Salvador stories and the attacks on her by the Reagan Administration.

Around 8 AM, the soldiers started decapitating the men with their machetes inside the church, where the men lay face down on the dirt floor.

This ignored the fact that both correspondents had reported that the massacres occurred in more villages than just El Mozote.