Higher SST driven rough sea events have been causing enormous problems to the fisher-folk communities coastal Bangladesh During the study period, only 6. Throughout the state, an estimated 40, homes were destroyed and , others were damaged. The rate of poverty in these areas is Two MI helicopters were also sent to air-drop food supplies to the worst affected areas in West Bengal. As a result, they have dropped out from the school. Shyamnagar under Satkhira district is one of the most victimised Upazilas affected by cyclone Aila.

Several homes were damaged in the area and power was cut due to fallen trees and power lines. International Organization for Migration. In the Bhola District of Bangladesh, an estimated , people evacuated to higher areas and shelters as Aila neared landfall. Professor Doos projected that in the future the refugees may be forced to move considerably farther away from their country of origin As a result, the children of those areas have outside from the education for a year. Children of poor sharecropper, agricultural labour, forest people and fishermen failed to collect their educational materials after trying from possible each and every source.

What are the situation they facing in new places? A Work in Progress”. It is realized that climate change is not preventable, but it is possible to protect societies and economies from nature’s vicissitudes to some extent by devising appropriate structural and non-structural measures such as providing better information, improved planning and more climate-resilient infrastructure. Causes of Migration cultivable lands were also inundated by saline water of storm surge while Focus on Khulna District.


Ministry of Environment and Forest. But during bangladfsh seven months after hit of cyclone Aila none of the NGOs has come forward for help of those forced migrants.

This may happened from unity of socioeconomic condition, insecurity of job and also urban amenities related unconsciousness. Third International Conference on Bangladesh Environment.

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Cyclone Aila hit the coast in 25th May and the data have been collected since 28th December to 7th January More thanpeople were reportedly isolated by severe flooding in coastal regions of Bangladesh. Among the respondents, Women including the adolescent girls were facing severe problem of sanitation and personal privacy in the small temporary huts.

Besides they were facing sexual harassments on the crowded embankments. The Case for a Global Protocol, Canberra: Despite warnings to remain at port, numerous fishing vessels sailed into the storm.

The Hindu religious community members in the affected areas are larger than the national average. Almost all of the studies used secondary data for socioeconomic, scientific and policy analysis and recommendations. Socioeconomic Category of Refugees according to socioeconomic background Income Range categorised as shown in Table 6. To collect opinions from all of the age-ranges and gender of the respondents, adolescents were included in the Questionnaire Survey and FGDs.

Additionally the forest remains under an estimated 2.

cyclone aila case study bangladesh

Cyclone Aila has been described as a benchmark of Aika success in implementation of effective disaster management system. On the third step, some of them migrated to the capital city Dhaka, the commercial city Chittagong or to the cosmopolitan city Kolkata of neighbouring country, India.


International Organization for Migration. Foundation for the Future.

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Union Parishad Union Council; the lowest tire of local banglaresh institutions consist of villages within 9 Wards and governed under the Upazila Parishad. The last but not the least question is related with the policy arrangement.

cyclone aila case study bangladesh

These changes, in turn, will likely result 1 Asiatic Society of Bangladesh The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees also warned the world leaders about increased number of refugees in the recent years due to adverse impacts of climate change People in some areas were trying to survive by collecting water from tube-wells which are kilometres far from their community.

The administrative management is another big question. Income Range Since the study is conducted in SL Category per family per month the slums of peri-urban pockets in 1.

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United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. The next day, the army used helicopters to provide food to the affected population.

cyclone aila case study bangladesh

But in cyclone Aila, the people failed to cope with the disaster and had to leave the areas due to some significant causes: Tropical cyclones of the North Indian Ocean cyclone season.