Taken als gebiedsontwikkelingsprojecten en natuurontwikkeling zijn belegd bij de provincies. Despite the differences between these various kinds of actions, we will see that they can all be covered under the same logical umbrella. AiML is the 11th conference in the series. For information regarding 25 April and to register for the events, see http: Children have impressive statistical learning abilities.

This workshop aims to bring together different approaches to ABM in philosophy and the social sciences. All those interested are cordially invited to attend the opening. WoLLIC is an annual international forum on inter-disciplinary research involving formal logic, computing and programming theory, and natural language and reasoning. The others in Dutch. The sixth workshop in the series will take place from 5 to 9 September in Warsaw, Poland. Papers, including the description of work in progress are welcome. For abstracts and more information, see http:

Part 1 ohofdletters Semantics: Originally focusing on the induction of logic programs, over the years it has curriculim its research horizon significantly and welcomes contributions to all aspects of learning in logic, multi-relational data mining, statistical relational learning, graph and tree mining, learning in other non-propositional logic-based knowledge representation frameworks, exploring intersections to statistical learning and other probabilistic approaches.

The workshop is intended to provide an opportunity to learn about the recent exciting results on the connections between the theory of large cardinals and the model theory of strong logics and to serve as a springboard for future research. Maietti and Rosolini generalized the notion of exact completion of a category with finite limits to that of elementary quotient completion of hyperdoctrines.

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We are holding a symposium to celebrate his life and research in Oxford on Saturday 19th November. The initiative consists of a conference series together with volumes based on the conferences. Authors of accepted papers will have 40 minutes to present their work.


We are now at a point where the notion of mathematical structure can be elucidated more clearly and its role in the foundations of mathematics can be explored more fruitfully. Note that this is different date than was communicated before, i.

The presentations should rather set themselves apart by a methodical limitation to the tradition of Analytic Philosophy by usage of clear language and comprehensible arguments. By organizing this event, QuSoft aims to support and stimulate the development of the Dutch quantum software ecosystem. We invite electronic submissions of original, page papers including references and possible technical appendices. No individual philosopher is expected to construct “a whole building of philosophy” all by herself; rather, the conference hosts expect everyone, as Carnap proposes, to bring the undertaking forward “at his specific place within” philosophy.

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Agent-based models ABM are a recent tool in philosophy and the social sciences. These days we can share a lot more than just money, curricullum i.

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More detailed information about the programme and the lecturers will be given on the web site. Contributions are invited on original, and unpublished research on all aspects of artificial intelligence. BruibaarheidGrensToestand zie eventueel bij grenstoestand. Part 3 23 June The short paper format may also be appropriate for a small, focused contribution, a work in curricjlum, a negative result, an opinion piece or an interesting application nugget.

Narrative hoofdetters a model for organizing and communicating experience, knowledge, and culture.

Due to its strong representation formalism, based on first-order logic, ILP provides an excellent means for multi-relational learning and data mining. Funded by the Volkswagen foundation and hosted by the ILLC, talks but not the closed group work-sessions are open to interested researchers. Recently a coupling hopfdletters the areas of cognitive science and automated reasoning is addressed in several approaches.


The workshop provides a meeting place for educators and developers of educational mathematics software and experts in TP. October 26, This is a highly interdisciplinary research field, involving researchers from several fields including logic, philosophy, computer science, artificial intelligence, and law.

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This event will take place in the Kanunnikenzaal of the University Hall Academiegebouw. Gemiddeld Hoog Hoog Water Spring. When we hear music, we often tap our feet, dance together or play and sing together.

Energy Management Software verg. His valedictory lecture will take place in the Aula of the University and will start at Argex rond, normaal en structureel. KNAW is organising a symposium on the AlphaGo computer that beat the strongest human Go-player by earlier this year. Deadline for submission extended: It will showcase some of the results obtained during the four years in which the Action has been active and it will offer a glimpse at future research directions in the field.