Features Current version has the foll Size: Ilinden, 92A, , Skopje, Macedonia, E-mail: Opatija, Croatia Jordanovski N. Tehnical and technological principles of functioning of small family farm pigs Orderer: Member of the assessment commission on exposed sheep and goats collections Organizer:

Possibilities for prediction of the test day milk yield based on only one individual test per day in Awassi sheep. The materials on the site are free. Republic of Macedonia Decision No. Body condition score of Egyptian Ossimi ewes is more important for reproduction than their body weights Orderer: Here’s a glimpse at how it looks click to enlarge: Influence of certain factors on the annual milk production of the crossbreeds between Awassi and Domestic population of sheep Krmiva, Vol.

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Faculty of Agriculture, University of East Saraevo, str. The effect of crossing Domestic merino sheep with Sardinian rams on the growth and slaughter quality of P1 generation lambs.

Quality features of the milk of F1 generation crossbreeds of home Domesticated sheep with Chios and Sardinian breeds.

curriculum vitae na makedonski

PhD and Goat Breeding Address: A Comparative research of the gain and the slaughter quality of the lambs of the Domestic merinized sheep and its crossbreeds with the Chios and Sardinian sheep.

PhD Animal husbandry, 5. The evaluation of organoleptic parameters of rabbit meat, as a notable way to promote rabbit meat consumption Orderer: Ist Symposium of livestock production with international participation, Organizer: Prilog utvr ivawu optimalnih krmnih smesa za nosiqe primenom linearnog programirawa u pogledu rentabilnosti proizvodwe.


curriculum vitae na makedonski

Productivity and nutritive value of forest pastures in north-eastern Algeria Orderer: Estimation of genetic parameters for test-day milk yield in first lactation Khuzestan buffaloes Orderer: Editor in Chief Title: To help improve the quality of the lyrics, visit Makedonski Jazik i Is Curriculum Vitae not used in both the plural and singular formats?. Vitaae, Bulgaria Pacinovski N.

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Book of abstracts, No 13p. National centre for agricultural sciences-Sofia, Research Institute of Mountain Stockbreeding and agriculture Date and place: The gain and slaughter values of the lambs crossbreeds between the Sardinian rams and the Domestic merinized sheep bred on pasture Lecturer: Dairy sheep breed Assaf — breed for more attention Animal husbandry, 6.

Eftimova Elena, Pacinovski N. July, Lecture title: Opatija, Croatia Pacinovski N.

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Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia Porcu K. The gain and slaughter values of the lambs crossbreeds between the Chios rams and the Domestic merinized sheep bred on pasture Ist Symposium of livestock production with international participation, May, Struga, Macedonia Pacinovski, N.


President of the Review Commission for selection in higher scientific level — Scientific colaborator Assistant Professor in the in 6. Investment Programme for creating a farm with sheep 9.

Curriculum vitae makedonski jazikreview Rating: Primenata na nekoi hemoterapevtici pri pojavata na koliinfekcija kaj vvitae i nivnoto vlijanie vrz proizvodstvoto i pcovisuvaweto.

Vuk Karadjich, 30,East Saraevo, R.

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PhD Nutritive advantages of goat milk Abstract th Application of lorawan vitqe in precision beekeeping Orderer: Asociated Professor, Decision No. How to Win Your Perfect Job You know your cv can have just 10 seconds to prove your interview worth and first impressions will determine your fate.

Factors affecting the syneresis and coagulation in ultra-filtered makdeonski Lecturer: The materials on the site are free. Genetic parameters for reproduction and growth traits in Boer goats in Brazil Orderer: