We hope our website is a resource for you, and if you have questions, or if there is anything my office can do for you and your student, please feel free to call me at or email cmcnulty pcssd. If a teacher chooses to evaluate homework, it must be based on the outcomes of the Program of Studies. To submit your own, please email a photo and description to joneal pcssd. Toggle navigation We take your child’s education personally. We are different because we must be held to a higher standard than other institutions because the price of failure does not just impact the present but hampers the very future of our students and our communities.

Grades 7 to 9 Suggested time frame: Arkansas School Boards Association advising districts on medical marijuana Some Arkansas school districts are looking to revise their policies when it comes to medical marijuana as edibles prepare to roll out in the next month. Homework assigned by teachers must have a direct correlation to daily instruction. Provide praise and encouragement. Parents should refrain from taking their children away from school for family holidays or other events during the regularly scheduled school year.

The amount of homework assigned to students should be differentiated according to age, developmental stage and grade level along a continuum from lower to upper elementary, elementary to junior high and junior high school to high school. Provide praise and encouragement. The staff at Bishop Grandin High School recognizes that students are often heavily involved in school activities, sports teams, clubs and school trips as well as community activities.

To submit your own, please email a photo and description to joneal pcssd. Teach your child from a young age the importance of time management and pacing themselves. Skip to Content www. While it is possible for some of the homework to be evaluated and marked, it is not a requirement or expectation that any homework be counted towards an academic grade.


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Instead, you can check the work and let your child know how many errors there are, marking the area so they can find and correct them on their own.

Students struggling with homework, and requiring assistance beyond the regular class time, are strongly encouraged to see their subject teacher during tutorial time. It is okay to help your child make sure they understand what they need to do. Teachers may use homework to support classroom instruction and student learning in a variety of ways. For some kids, it is easier to do homework in 20 or 30 minute blocks and then have a short break.

Homework Policy

This will only discourage them and cause them homwork. For more information, please see the district Administrative Procedure on homework: Public schools are different because we csdd ensure that excellence is also paired with equity, so you will continue to see PCSSD support our students with facilities, technology, and innovative instructional approaches that unleash each and every student’s potential. Although this might seem like an obvious one, it still is a temptation for many parents.

Make yourself available to provide help in clarifying the homework assignment. Good time management skills will not only help them avoid late nights but will also be beneficial to them later on in life.

cssd homework policy

Grades 10 to 12 Suggested time frame: Help your child set up a work-break schedule. Avoiding the summer slide Doesn’t matter what day of the week it is during the summer months, College Station Kindergarten teacher Karen Green wants her class to keep learning.

cssd homework policy

Jesal Shah and Dr. Kindergarten — Grade 3 Suggested time frame: The PCSSD Board of Education is seeking to recognize employees who exhibit traits including leadership, mentoring, dedication, excellence and effectiveness in their places of work. Respecting the importance of family time, teachers have been encouraged to refrain from assigning homework over the holidays and long weekends.


Encourage your child to also ask for guidance and clarification from the teacher if they do not understand the assignment.

Homework Policy

This applies to specific assignments only as students may need to study or practice for tests during these times.

Homework assignments may be used by teachers to determine the next steps in teaching and learning. Follow this link to our Secure Volunteer site to initiate your background screen, which is required for all volunteers. Apply Online for Free or Reduced Lunch. However, make sure your child follows the schedule and works until break time. The completion and management of homework tasks supports junior high students to take increasing responsibility for their learning.

I want to volunteer! Toggle navigation We take your child’s education personally. Formal assigned homework at Kindergarten to Grade 3 levels is not recommended. Since junior high students have many teachers, it is important for the school and teachers to identify and implement strategies to coordinate homework across the subject areas in order to avoid overloading at any one time.

At all levels, the time a student spends on homework may vary and individual student needs and capacity should always be considered.