This is important for good personal hygiene. Tulis teks ucapan anda selengkapnya. Exploration Club organized a trip to the National Science Centre – a great learning experience. Appreciate – recognize the good qualities of someone. Many buildings built by the Portuguese, the Dutch and the British still remain.

People who drink alcohol are more prone to narrowing their perception and are unable to respond to the cues around them. It is hoped that the principal will have a fulfilling retirement. It transmits the virus through its bite. His services to the school will always be remembered by everyone. Write an article on the visit for the school magazine and describe your activities there.

On the whole, the visit was useful and educational.

Not only can they make soalxn, send texts and e-mails, smartphones even allow the users to video call. The main reason is to contact friends and make new friends from all-over the world.

Learning English Daily: PT3 GUIDED WRITING (AN ARTICLE)

There were donation of blankets clothes, and even money to help us. Other booths showcased their latest products and models such as computers, audio and video players cohtoh various other state-of-the art gadgets. This gadget, thus, has been invented and being improved continuously to serve the need of people.

The River’s a hoarder, And he buries down deep Those little treasures That he wants to keep.


Visitors also got a chance to see other items relating to space such as basic telescopes and a radio telescope. While we were having lunch, some of the students entertained us by playing guitars and singing.

Many of the children could work well with their hands.

In fact, spalan often cause serious weight problems and drastic physical body changes. Once inside the exhibition hall, there were a variety of amazing exhibits of modern technology such as robots and space rockets. You can follow the format that is provided in this chapter. State the events in order.

Once the paint was dry, the more artistic students painted murals on them. Pets need love, care and attention. There are some tips that students can practise to beat p3t stress.

Wow, thank you for sharing!!! Keep your environment clean at all times. We cart also cut down on waste by reusing bottles, boxes and confoh.

Learning English Daily: PT3 GUIDED WRITING (REPORTS)

Articles give information about a certain topic. It saves time and money in communication and spreads information quickly and to many people.

contoh soalan essay bi pt3

Internet social networking brings people from all over the world together. It allowed us to expand the knowledge that we gained in the classroom. Describe how the virus is transmitted. While there are hundreds of wonderful tourist destinations in Malaysia, there are some that are frequented more than others. We must never eat overnight food which is likely to have bacteria.


Understand your topic well before you start writing about it.

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Hence, we should get about seven to eight hours of sleep every night. Eat Your Way to Contohh Health. The eggs hatch into larvae and grow into adult mosquitoes.

contoh soalan essay bi pt3

Various informational establishments square measure working with the hope to defer the shrouded capacity of each child, and clean it to such an extent, to the reason that it’d be his unmistakable quality which may moreover serve to be his wellspring of wage yet and read here for the best suggestion.

They are more likely to be in unconscious state. Once inside the exhibition hall, there were a variety of amazing exhibits of modern technology such as robots and space rockets. The eggs hatch into larvae pg3 grow into adult mosquitoes.