Playing truant is growing more prevalent among students. A hobby helps you gain knowledge. How to write a paper. When you wish to buy food from restaurants, take along your own containers instead of asking them to pack the food in plastic and Styrofoam containers. It was hard work but we enjoyed doing it. Preparing for an exam is not that difficult.

Observe the ways of eating healthily. A speech is a formal talk that a person gives to an audience. In the past, water was used to work certain machines like turbines and steam engines. Instead, soap all the dishes and then turn on the tap to wash them. The Outer Space booth offered visitors a great time watching the footage of the Moon, planets and stars. We hear it quite often, especially in relation to the environment.

Television is also a source of entertainment.

contoh essay bi pt3

I hope that my tips were helpful. Unfortunately, one of the boys hit a big rock by the road side and fell down hard onto the road. The driver, after ramming into Mrs Wong, did not stop to help her but immediately drove off instead.

contoh essay bi pt3

Well, a good student has many good qualities. Water is also used to keep trees and ezsay alive. Make suitable changes to your speech to make it more interesting. Use the format of a speech.


Water is also a source of power.

Hence, we should get about seven to eight hours of sleep every night. In addition, do not wait until the last minute to review for the exam.

Sushil YD 9 December at When they are recycled, they will be reproduced into new products which can still benefit us. Sufficient rest will help esssy to focus. At noon, we set out the packed lunch that we had brought along. Moreover it prevents us from wasting time loitering in shopping malls or spending hours in an Internet cafe.

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Information provided in this way is often simple and easy to understand. A visit to such an exhibition can supplement classroom lessons.

That way we help to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gasses that leads to global warming. Finally, if you want to boil your food, bk not over-boil it as the vitamins will be destroyed. This in turn will affect their studies and work performance.

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If the article is for young people – include information that interest youth. Not all Aedes mosquitoes transmit dengue fever. In fact, if we do not drink water for a week, we cannot survive. Internet social networking brings people from all over the world together. Good morning Mr Gomes, teaches and students.


This is because milk teeth will affect the formation of permanent teeth later. Even though they were simple gifts, the children seemed really happy to receive them.

State reason why organ donation is necessary. A lot of people are interested in recycling but how many of us actually do. Firstly, you should not walk alone. Posted by Luke Gabriel Reactions: Use the present -continuous tense for actions that are going on. Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur receives hundreds of visitors every day. However, let’s esaay forget that at certain times there is a water shortage.

contoh essay bi pt3

His friends rode back to see what had happened. Strategy for understanding the Question.