Of the many organizations and initiatives that exist tangentially to the BeltLine, two of them are explicitly focused on affordable housing: Using existing rail track easements , the BeltLine is designed to improve transportation, add green space , and promote redevelopment. Retrieved December 10, So how is the Atlanta BeltLine doing now, all these years later? So for the time being, doing the whole route means a whole lot of pain. Supported by Atlanta mayor Shirley Franklin , previous city council president Cathy Woolard , and many others in Atlanta’s large business community, the idea grew rapidly during and

Atlanta’s New Public Realm. But coming back to Atlanta meant getting back in his car, all by himself. In most places, Ryan Gravel would disappear into the crowd. In late January , GDOT and Amtrak made an unannounced and last-minute filing with the Surface Transportation Board that would effectively block the northeast part of the BeltLine, instead taking it for future intercity rail. The Atlanta BeltLine Boil.

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Simply put, it included everyone in its vision. Updated in September to bsltline construction progress. This is in addition to the approximately half a million people who currently live and work within a mile of it. What you see when you ride the BeltLine today is not just the catastrophic choices Atlanta has made in years past.

Rapidly increasing property values run the risk of pricing out some of the most vulnerable members of the community, such as low-income residents and seniors living on fixed incomes, putting entire neighborhoods at risk.

Gravel is unabashedly bektline with the way Atlantans have embraced his idea, and they have done so in a way he could not have predicted. Within a month of arriving in Paris, Gravel lost 15 pounds and was in the best shape of his life. But the BAHTF has restrictions on where its funding can be applied, and, crucially, it does not yet have a way to ensure that the affordable housing it helps create will remain permanently within reach of low-income residents.


Turn a giant hole in the ground into Atlanta’s new waterfront”, Thomas Wheatley”.

The Trust for Public Land, a national non thesiis, partnered with the Atlanta BeltLine project and acquired 33 properties, totaling 1, acres. The embryonic BeltLine is a study in contrasts: Some portions are already complete, while others are still in a rough state but hikeable.

For example, significant effort has been put into water resources management, including managing storm water, groundwater capture and recapture, and limiting impervious surfaces to reduce atkanta. Gravel mentioned his thesis to some of his co-workers. Pretty well, it seems. Clear Creek Basin serves as a storm water run-off reservoir.

When that happened, we became inspired to create events that spoke to the communities and promoted the people beeltline those communities. Left with no other option like the BeltLinenon-driving residents in the area simply lay claim to the outer lanes, like moving squatters.

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The pain of my recent venture serves only as a reminder of what Atlanta stands to gain. Gravel was raised in Chamblee, Georgia, a suburb north of Atlanta.

While the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority which runs the MARTA system is excited about the surface-level addition to its existing above-ground and subway system, GDOT has reservations, as the lines it previously purchased were intended for use as commuter rail connections. Watch this video to get an overview of his trek.

This section of the BeltLine incorporates trails and surface roads, and has been designed to accommodate future bektline. Moving forward, policies concerning investment incentives, affordability, and equality will be critical, he adds.


By Fletcher Moore, Institute Communications Certain feats are so devoid of appeal that only a select few will suffer through them. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

atlanta beltline thesis

While big multimillion-dollar private-sector developments such as Ponce City Market have certainly had a huge impact on the revitalization of buildings and areas surrounding the BeltLine, there has also been a profound opportunity for small businesses of all kinds to open up shop and create new concepts that bring customers to these communities.

The plan would expand these existing parks:. By Karina Timmel Antenucci Over the years, there have been a number of proposals for parts of the old mile railway corridor that encircles Atlanta. You thfsis people you know. On a recent sunny afternoon, just a few miles east of downtown, throngs of people had come out atlantw stroll, skate and cycle along this stretch of pavement, the Eastside Trail of the BeltLine, which Gravel helped create.

After surveys of the route and right of way acquisitions, the DeKalb portion was ditched leaving the entire route in Fulton County.

atlanta beltline thesis

While private development can move quickly, transportation may be ironically the slowest-moving impact piece of the puzzle because numerous city planning studies must be done and approval must be obtained geltline several government entities.

Learn more about NationSwell. Runners compete in the Eastside Trail 10K.